There is now a professional INTIMIDATOR job in the corporate structure

by James F Lico

I now see that spy agencies like CIA are staffed with psychopaths and are the purveyors of dirty tricks but somehow we need them in order to be free.

The key distinction that separates sociopaths and psychopaths from normal people is they think this type of type of thing is normal now.

If you dont think so, just look at all of the Targeted Individuals (TI’s) there are around the world.

These TI’s are designated by the corporations as non persons and are there to Scare others and for corporate use and abuse.

TI’s are multipurpose and are money making entities. So anything the corporations want to do with people objects is now Okay.

They are similar to prisoners who are also slaves but TI’s can be abused further because people are now objects and there is no accountability for objects.

Activists and Dissidents or people who talk against the corporations are targeted and it is to scare the hell out of anyone who might complain about anything at all.

The disturbing thing is that corporations do not value life or people and in fact view people as objects or things.

A CEO’s job is to maximize profits. In addition they minimize anything (incl people) that would get in the way of those profits.

There is now a professional INTIMIDATOR job in the corporate structure of which titles vary.

Professional Intimidator gives the word STOOGE a come back into the lexicon.

These people are damaged and have taken on secondary psychopathic traits.

They are order followers and enjoy being slaves of a corporate master. They give a new meaning to the old phrase COMPANY MAN because they will kill for their corporate master.

Their killing is seen as Okay though by law enforcement because it is a job an not personal. As for me, I want the peace and love meme back because this one sucks.

These people will destroy the earth if we let them. The inclination is to just want to get on with your life and ignore what is going on.

This is how we got here and how it will get a whole lot worse quickly. Just look at Hitlers Germany to see what ignoring psychopaths will bring you.

Psychopaths made lots of money by taking it back (harvesting).it from the people (surfs). The Banks (tyrants) were buoyed by the fact that they were held above all others.

The Banks(Tyrants) feel uncountable for fleecing the people (surfs) with fraudulent mortgage loans designed to make the mortgage holder default on the loan.

This type of fraud can happen over and over under Tyranny where the perpetrator is allowed to go free while the surfs pay back the Tyrants for any losses they might have incurred when defr

auding the surfs. It is happening over and over until people wake up. However Tyrants are not complacent just perpetrating the same crimes they like to keep the surfs at bay by doing psychopathic things like targeting individuals, militarizing the police, etc.

It gets progressively harder to break their hold because they are like jackals or hyenas.

The sociopaths among us will find the new corruption makes mad max and the thunder dome closer to reality. Now it is Okay to hurt your neighbor as long as you dont get caught.

There is no time for costly investigations like in the past.

Gang Stalker and intimidator are the new hot job titles for today. In fact the trappings of democracy like “Trial By Jury of Peers” and INVESTIGATION are way too costly and must be gutted leaving only the name of the thing as if it were something to aspire to have in theory if not in fact.

We also don’t need a quaint document like the constitution because most of it is too costly to implement.

I have to go but remember the bell is beginning to strike twelve Oclock.



Janet Smith The leaders of Nations continue corrupt murderous greedy schemes thinking no one see’s us, we can do as we please.. The One enthroned in Heaven laughs, he scoffs at them.

Patty Soos

Patty Soos James F Lico they are destroying the part of the brain where emotion and relationship is formed…these people are brain certain areas of the brain..i have seen them using weapons on others…beaming them in the back of the head…of course they try to do that to us too…

Scottie Payne

Scottie Payne

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September 11, 2010


Elvira Williams

Elvira Williams Holly Molly my my my.

Kate Whitefield
Martin Bott

Martin Bott No, they are not in control of what is going on. Because foreign countries ant their agencies bring their brainwashing equipment into the US.

Greg Alan Skomaroske

Greg Alan Skomaroske Oh bullshit Martin Bott …. The US is the one who is doing the weapons thing and no other country is bringing in anything without our Gov knowing it. It is the FBI and the Military who is doing this shit and a lot more to people who they want to control and target.

Elvira Williams

Elvira Williams Kate Great answer and I agree they are infringing upon the First Amendment I’m 65 born in this Country living on less than $900.00 a month had a voucher complain about mold protested the NAACP thinking they ask me why my rights infringing on targeted by doctors gasses chemical homeless can’t get help GO Figure call Schizophrania so no one believe me looks like it’s working My medications running out and it’s chronic pain I have to use Excedrin Extra Strength and IcyHot Patches and cream do you think this is right doctors targeting people to help Family stile Land Will evry thing even my children and grands and great grands TELL ME WHAT WOULD YOU DO Ill and homeless.

Debbie Bush

Debbie Bush Rubbing oil on your joints etc…helps pain. I use olive oil. Do it daily.

Kate Whitefield

Kate Whitefield Temporary housing is a start; try taking less aspirin before exercising and more after. If not sure of medicine, try Lithium first. There are a lot of medicines for schizophrenia and psychosis, most are OK on a short term basis if you think you are committed to finding a medicine. I cannot make any recommendations. The docs will probably force medication once you ask for it but you can stay on Lithium for a while if it works.

Elvira Williams

Elvira Williams you can take it Kate I don’t need it my family did that to me to take my Land and all please read the story on my page or ???

Greg Alan Skomaroske

Greg Alan Skomaroske Elvria …you are being targeted because your disabled. Trust me on this one.

Bruno von Helsing

Bruno von Helsing nice opportunity to be good then Lico in fundraising them, she even lost her jew-ellery, probably needs a new collection 9of fashi9onable stuff as well – be good, do good pacman emoticon

Arch Angel Lissa Mires

Arch Angel Lissa Mires Its not just CIA James F Lico–add NS & DARPA & Universities.

The Morgellons and Artificial Intelligence Connection : Kandy Griffin @ Phoenix Rising

Robin Yan

Robin Yan According to the following principles, Toronto Police, Canadian torturers torture me, terrorize me, murder me, and commit crimes against humanity with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons, which have been viewed by UN as weapons of mass destruction.

Why Stress Makes You Miserable

“Ronald Duman, a neurobiologist at Yale University, and colleagues wondered if the poorly understood neuritin might play an important—and heretofore overlooked—role in depression and other mood disorders.

They induced depression in a group of rats by subjecting them to chronic, unpredictable stress. Depriving them of food and play, isolating them, and switching around their day/night cycles for about 3 weeks left the rats with little interest in feeding or enjoying a sweetened drink.

The rats also gave up and became immobile instead of swimming when placed in a tub of water—another measure of rodent depression.”

Robin Yan

Kate Whitefield

Kate Whitefield Military charges to me need to be tighter, clearer, more specific, more real, more careful — people don’t how many ignorant and innocent people are involved with intelligence projects.

Nonetheless, I strongly support what I call the medical model of human and civil rights. No one deserves to be injured from burn trauma — traumatic injuries such as burns do not have a good prognosis. If something caused cancer, everyone would exercise care and caution and help any victim; certainly, this is true of any and all burns AND trauma victims.

 The idea that the constitution is quaint is so ridiculous, I am concerned that I may not be up to discussing and defending any points, that what is needed is the National Guard or an array of lawyers rather than clarification about some legal points
Mary L. Rushing

Robin Yan

Robin Yan Canadian Government has decided to review their “ troubling torture policy”. However, Toronto Police, Canadian torturers keep torturing me, keep terrorizing me with EMF and Microwave Non-Lethal Weapons in my home and in my workplace.

Canadian victim of torture

Robin Yan


This maybe my last video testimonial Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier

testimonial Daniel J Towsey_ A Truth Soldier









Link to full video play list.

Published on Jan 5, 2016


ellie winn
I hope you get help immediately!  Thank you for your beautiful works you share freely.

+ellie winn Thank you..unfortunately only God can help as truthers know our world is run by the criminally insane…


Andrew Osiris I am sorry you are in such a state. It’s not that nobody cares, it’s just that we are all living hand to mouth. The whirlwind of karma seems like an insurmountable apocalypse. Breath. Try to remain detached. This too, will pass. I love you.

Elizabeth M
hang in there true warrior! seeking justice is a path for only the strong! (((hugs)))
Bad Actor 
John Riso says, I’m not far up on the economic ladder and wish I could help. I know what it’s like to be targeted. I have been living at the poverty for 10 years.

last video testimonial Daniel J Towsey Pt2 A Truth Soldier

last video testimonial Daniel J Towsey Pt3 A Truth Soldier


ellie winn
Homelessness is a by product of systemic destruction in a malevolent design. Try to keep yourself safe if you can. be kind to yourself. eat if you can, even if it is just a simple broth. i hope you get support.

Disabled man Denied Social Assistance Application in Halifax Nova Scotia

and the Social assistance office is 50 kilometers away in another town and I also can not get there if there is any snow or ice on the roads or sidewalks besides not being able to walk with my walker I also can not drive my wheelchair and I can not drive my car with the heavy wheelchair trailer if the roads are snowy or icy… And I have no access to public transit.. this is winter time here.

Published on Jan 6, 2016

Cobequid Centre wheelchair access report

Published on Jan 6, 2016

See comments and more at this link

last video testimonial Daniel J Towsey Pt4 A Truth Soldier


Finn MacDonald 
You don’t look very disabled.
+Finn MacDonald Did you listen to my other video about my describing being run over by a car?
Seriously disabled usually do not look disabled… like can you see the plastic prosthesis in my right upper arm and that my arm is not attached to my right shoulder socket?
Kat Z 
yup…you’re right Folk…as soon as the zionist minions signed onto the zionist run BIS in the mid seventies we’ve been royally screwed. This is what the COMER lawsuit is about – restoring the BofC mandate to issue interest free currency for infrastructure projects across the country. You are NOT crazy!
Jeremiah Tyrrell 
Amazing life you have led. Why don’t you try posting your address so that some good person might come to your aid. Worth a shot, the corrupt already know where you live anyway.
+Jeremiah Tyrrell If someone wants to help they can tell me so first… I do not need to publicly post my address for that…

last video testimonial Daniel J Towsey Pt5 A Truth Soldier

Hey brother Raider57 here on my other channel.  My heart goes out to you and I wish I could help but I live on a small disability pension and barely make ends meet, as they have planned for all of us.  Ppl think their money will save them but they are dead wrong because the bees are gone, the trees are soon behind and so are we.  Very sad ppl say not a fucking word about planes filling our sky will poison and letting their children die to hide their fucking cowardice.  You have less than 5 years so enjoy your fantasy to those ignorant who deny what’s happening in front of their eyes.

+oakland57 Thanks.. so what happened to your channel and your videos

Crisis Line talk with Daniel J Towsey – A Truth Soldier

This is taking place in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

Published on Jan 6, 2016


Yvonne Bakker says Unbelievable-killing you with “kindness” but no solution, just round and round in the circle game. God has chosen you as a warrior and your rewards will be in heaven. This world is done anyway. So sorry for your plight and praying for you – you are in my heart Daniel

Daniel J Towsey says Thank you sweety

Kathy Bradbury
Daniel, I’m here in the U.S., and have received help in the past from the Red Cross…do you have any Emergency programs there to help with rent? I’m praying for you…if I had money I’d give it…know that there are people that do care.

+Kathy Bradbury Thank you..and no there is no support of any kind being permitted for me… I am a victim or organized crime from within the government.. I am now uploading a video testimonial about Social Assistance.. please click on FolkPhotographer and find  full play list for ‘This maybe my last video testimonial’ and see the full series that I will keep adding to until this ends


My frozen wheelchair at PMV Mobility House’s Waverley warehouse in nova scotia

Ed Schijns owner of PMV Mobilty House, Dragonebikes, 3649 Dutch Village Rd in Halifax and warehouse is at 28 Powdermill rd in Waverley Nova Scotia just outside of Lower Sackville
Please note that I am now broke and social services does not want to help me.
Also I have been doing many video and photo reports about my situation with Ed ever since Jan 2014 and it appears that soon I will be homeless so I will most likely very soon be uploading all my evidence of how Ed deliberately caused me to go broke and has robbed me of thousands of dollars…has threatened me and much worse..
he recently closed his office and reduced the size of his store on Dutch Village rd… He no longer shows up at his store and has someone else taking care of his public business..
I know for sure that he has ripped off many other disabled people and that they are looking for him to serve him with legal papers..Ed is hiding out..

a few weeks ago at 3 30 in the morning I did three hours of videos of my dealing with Ed at his warehouse..
I caught him on video seriously threatening me and I called the RCMP.. I made the RCMP order Ed to take my three wheelchairs out of his warehouse.. I had to get video evidence that he dismantled my Alex wheelchair that he was supposed to have taken back to the manufacturer in Toronto that was going to rebuild it for free under warranty. Eds dismantling of my $20 thousand dollar chair made it impossible to take it to Toronto..,

He also had my second indoor (frozen) wheelchair in his warehouse. I had to buy that one to use inside my apartment building because I needed a wheelchair.. but Ed never made that chair usable.

and he  also had my new all terrain wheelchair locked in his warehouse. He left me without the use of a wheelchair for over four months…

So he was screaming and dragged my dismantled Alex wheelchair out , then brought my barely functioning indoor wheelchair out and also brought out my not yet completed magic mobility chair out.. He put them all outside on the street…

Then I pulled my not yet completed wheelchair trailer out to the street.. by the way yes I actually built my trailer.. I had to so I could get my chair home.. Ed could not bring my new chair home as it did not fit into his mini van.

Then Ed had the two RCMP officers serve me with a protection of property order banning me from Eds properties…

They all departed and left me in the dark with my three wheelchairs on the street.. I hooked up my trailer that had no lights, no registration or plates to my car.. I had previously bought magnetic towing lights in anticipation of this event so I could safely drive in the dark..

I managed to get my expensive chair on the trailer.. But I could not save my other two chairs.. It was rain heavy and my other chair suffered rain damage…

This info I just typed here is a very small amount of the horror Ed put me through…

Soon I will be uploading the three hour video of the event .. Keep your eye on my site for the reports about Ed and PMV Mobility house..

Ed is part of a much bigger subversive organization that has been covertly undermining my life for a very long time..

google my name Daniel J Towsey if you want to know more about me….it will really surprise you what you will find out..


why would the guy leave the chair outside? that’s crazy

+SurviventheOnslaught he previously left it out in a rain storm overnight..

That’s totally sickening to see your chair sitting there like that.

Horrific dying forest at Sackville Lakes in Nova Scotia Canada

Be sure to go to this link for the complete report and videos.

I started this video very casually but when I headed across the street to the second lake I had to travel through the forest and was horrified at what i saw..Be sure to watch this whole video. It will leave you horrified and depressed if you care about what is happening to out planet…

note there is another second part to this video that is 19 minutes where I had a very informative and detail conversation with a couple and it has much more footage of the death of this provincial park forest..but youtube will not let me upload itdying forest_001_ A Truth Soldier
see photos
You can learn about why forests are dying here.

Uncle Mike I know you are my father

Uncle Mike I know you are my father.

Autobiographical article by Daniel J Towsey.

This is just yet another chapter in my ‘The Snowball Effect’ Autobiographical book.

March 28 2013

I do not know if you read my earlier article entitled. “My father that was not my father”

I long ago, when I was very young and visited you on your wonderful farm homestead in Tingwick Quebec knew that you had a fatherly love for me.

I so often saw it in your eyes, but I could not understand.

All my life until recently I did not understand, nor did I know why it was that your wife I knew as Aunt Rae always showed me such a hidden dislike.

Your son Michael and daughter Suzanne did the same thing.

Their contempt for me was so horrible, add to that all the horrific abuses the man I knew as my father, Arthur Paul Towsey inflicted on me. It made my life a living nightmare.

The only time I ever saw love in some ones eyes for me as a child was when we spent that afternoon tinkering with the old hardware in that old dusty loft.

But when my brother Robert recently told me about your brief encounter with my mother and I being your off spring.

It cleared everything up for me.

I only wonder why would it be that not one person in our families could be truthful and show me some respect and dignity.

By acknowledging who I am.

I know you wanted to have the opportunity to show me your love.

You and I only once ever spent time bonding together that afternoon in your old loft work shop.

I got to know then the wonderful human being that you are.

I can not, and do not have any hate for you.

I understand the times you grew up in where the Catholic church was so prominent in your society.

I also realize that the society of then only saw me as a bastard.

But I do know you, and I do know my mother.

I do understand that I was born out of young love.

I know that mom and you shared a love that was forbidden.

Mom was a very beautiful innocent soul. I know that you were the same as her in your youth.

I can only wonder the beautiful life we could of all had if it had been possible for you to be with my mother..

I can never regret being born out of love and not lust.

I know how moms face looked every time your name came up.

She never, ever had a bad though about you.

The only problem was that she kept it a secret from me all the way to her grave.

That I truly regret.

I can only hope that you too will not do the same.

I am forwarding this letter to my daughter Melanie. She will be able to get it to you.

Also please know that my whole history is publicly published at this blog.

Written with my love…..

Court Update Declared Not Guilty Is Not A Victory

Court Update .. Not Guilty….

March 18 2013 Halifax Nova scotia
I was harassed by Police for six months, had my life threatened, deprived of my rights..
I started a trial..
I tore them apart..and today the Judge finds me not guilty..
That is not really a good thing..
I wanted a full trial so I could expose all the government and Police corruption..
They knew I would expose it..So they denied me continuing my defense..
No justice done..real justice would be my getting all the information on the records..
So I could have the abusers of justice charged with the crimes they committed against me…

I will soon write a full article about this “I was not guilty and am still the victim”

Being declared not guilty of Protection of Property Act not a victory for me..

I will soon write up my full report about this.

In the meantime I will continue with my complaint against the Police about this event that started here on the Halifax waterfront.

See security guard at end of video.

Braydin Benham (4) Stopped by Security

Published on Sep 11, 2012

Please check out this post about this event.

Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rights

After this the security guard working for The Halifax Waterfront Commission falsely told Braydon he could not perform here and that it was private property..

we then moved to another spot and that Nazi security guard had called the Police and the Halifax Police banned me Daniel Towsey under the protection of property act and then charged me for trespassing on public property being the Halifax waterfront boardwalk.
They say I am not permitted anywhere on the whole Halifax waterfront.

Remember I am disabled and sitting in an electric wheelchair.

Halifax Police Violating my (Daniel Towsey) Human rights

Here is the person to speak to if you feel like this is wrong and would like to help me, at The waterfront commission .. Mr. Adam Langley 902-422-5115

Thank You Note I will be publishing a lengthy detailed article about this soon..I will post the link to it here. It will be at

Related articles.


Members of the Halifax Police Department tried to kill me again

written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier

Monday March 18 2013

I will do my best to write this as briefly as possible, but I do need to write in the details so that you will understand how real this is.

Not long ago after two years of fighting with the government, I received my new high tech wheelchair.

A brief side note here. That wheelchair was custom made for me and it is actually very dangerous to us and I almost got killed in it three times.

Here is a link to the article I did with videos describing how dangerous this chair is.

I will be writing an article describing how it was actually constructed to be completely unsafe to use.

So back to this article.

Someone in the Police of government has been tracking my every movements with the GPS on my phone.

I have the GPS turned off, so that means only the Police and 911 can track me.

My wheelchair has been constructed so that it is impossible for me to safely secure it in a public transit bus.

That has left me with having to ride my wheelchair only in the local area.

Halifax is a small town. I only frequent the same few streets when I go out. So figuring out my routes and habits is not difficult.

Also almost all properties in downtown Halifax are not wheelchair accessible

and there is only one wheelchair bathroom I can us in all of the downtown Halifax area that is within the range of my electric wheelchair.

Downtown Halifax is full of very steep hills.

I went down the sidewalk below the Halifax Citadel Fortress.

There was snow on the ground and small snow banks along the curbs.

The sidewalks were clear and dry.

I crossed the street by the Halifax convention center. The sidewalks were clear and dry in front of it.

Just as I went over the crest of the sidewalk and began going down I immediately discovered that I could not steer my wheelchair.

I managed to turn it into the snow bank by the curb.

The sidewalk seemed odd It had a wet film on it that looked like a waxy film.

The sidewalk is very steep and if it was water it would of been much dryer. Water can not stay on this side walk because of the steep downwards slope.

There was no water dripping off the building.

It made no sense that the rest of the sidewalks around this property were completely dry and had no snow on them, not even at the curb.

So I called 911 dispatch and told them about my situation.

This event was all set up by the Police because the dispatcher was not going to send the fire department to help me. She insisted on sending the Police.

After hanging up I phoned back immediately and got a different dispatcher.

It was obvious she knew something was being set up.

I asked if she could call the fire department and I told her the first dispatcher was not going to send the fire department.

She acknowledged that she knew that. And told me she was going to call the fire department.

She sounded very worried when I told here the Police were approaching.

She literally pleaded and asked me if I wanted to leave my phone on so she could record what was going on with the Police.

So I explained to the Police the situation and how I could not move my wheelchair because the sidewalk was too slippery.

I have a neck brace on so I can not turn my head sideways to see. I was facing the street and I could only see down the sidewalk.

So after a while the Police officers just kept talking to me. One officer went behind me up against the wall and was kicking salt behind my chair.

He then said that he was going to assist me by pushing my chair down the sidewalk.

I told him that that is impossible for him to hold my very heavy wheelchair and that he would not have the footing to hold on to my chair.

He told me that I was his only option.

I told me that I wanted to wait for the fire department. He said that the fire department was not coming.

He did not know I called back a second time and that the dispatcher was sending the fire department.

So I got really scared as the Police officer was putting his hands on the push handles behind me.

And just then the Fire department came to save my life literally.

(side note; My condition after having been rolled over by a car and add to that the total weight of 800 pounds wheelchair.

Would of killed me if my chair went down the steep slippery sidewalk.)

The Cop and his partner were very sure the fire department was not coming.

The fire department guys saw how scared I was of the Police.

They attached a rope winch to the back of my chair and I was able to back up the hill to the dry sidewalk.

They noticed that for some strange reason. The curb cut out on the sidewalk at the other side of the street was not cleared of snow.

That meant that I had to ride my wheelchair down the block facing traffic because I could not get up on the sidewalk.

As I sat there waiting for the light to change another Police officer thug was verbally harassing me.

The fire department guys were all behind me witnessing this abusive Police officer.

The light turned green and I went away.

Please note that only a few days before this I began a trial that involves Police officers that I will be questioning under oath about their harassing me previously.

I can not now write any details about the trail as it is now on going..

original post;


Laura Ludwig very scary Daniel. I am glad to see that you are ok. Maybe you should consider staying home behind locked doors until that trial is vindicated, as I am sure (or at least hoping) that they are not going to rule against a handicapped person.

Daniel J Towsey Not as scary as them having drove a car over me several times..which why I am in a wheelchair.
If you go to this link, you will how the government is trying everything to do me harm. Like custom making a very dangerous new wheelchair that almost killed me several times.

Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rights

Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rights

written by Daniel J Towsey

A Truth Soldier

September 11th 2012

Audio-video transcript

Thank you for reading this.

I am now going to show you what it is like to be disabled and in a wheelchair in the city of Halifax.

Also please note that this is the third time that The Halifax City Police are violating my human rights and preventing me from accessing public property based on The Protection of Property Act.

This and other events of the Halifax Police violating my human rights have been on going for many years.

Ever since I departed from Toronto in 1984, where I ran a Federal Election campaign for Lawyer Michael Cohen who was running against Bob Caplan The Solicitor General of Canada.

There has been numerous very serious events done against me by the Police ever since.

Bob Caplan created Canadas secret Police known as C.S.I.S. Canadas Secret Intelligence Service. Then Bob Caplan gave them there first covert case. He put a contract on me to be destroyed.

Bob Caplan said to me that “We are going to destroy you, We are going to make you so destitute that you will have to resort to crime to survive. And when you do. We will put you in prison where we will have our fun with you.”

So at that time no one in the country knew or had ever heard of this secret private interest Police that does not answer to we the peoples laws, justice system or courts. C.S.I.S. is a very scary evil organization that has been covertly attacking and destroying freedom and justice seeking activists ever since.

You may want to read my very first article I published on the internet in 1999.

Called “Corrupt Canadian Elections Vote Fixing”

This series of banning me from public properties events started when I testified to the corporate media and published an article about the Police behavior on the Halifax waterfront about my witnessing the drowning and death on the Halifax waterfront of a man during the Halifax International Buskers Festival that I was filming in August 2009.

Please read this related article “Man drowns at Halifax Buskers”


Then a few months later on November 22nd 2009, the Halifax Police were involved in an attempt to murder me.

Please read my article entitled “How to assassinate a cyclist.”

Attempted Assassination Victim Testimony by Daniel J Towsey

Then later the Police again interfered in my Human rights by applying a protection of property act restricting me from the publicly owned Dartmouth Sportplex where I was photographing The Canada Games events. I wrote this article about that and I also filed a complaint against the Halifax Police were It was found that I never did anything wrong. Please note that I had been doing physiotherapy twice a week for the previous year at this locating due to the injuries I suffered from the attempt on my life.

Please read my article, Beautiful girls at Canada Games.

Then the next event of the violations of my human rights is when the Police again falsely applied the Protection of property act when they banned me from all Halifax Public transit busses, ferries and properties. This was over the bus driver refusing to let me off the bus at the Dartmouth bus terminal.

My testimony about this event

Bus Driver Refused To Let Wheelchair User Off The Bus 1of5


Please note that after the six months ran out on the order banning me, many bus drivers have since repeatedly harassed me and I video taped many of these events. So that I now almost never use public transit. So I am limited by the range my electric wheelchair can travel and the weather. I since had to move out of Dartmouth and go to live in downtown Halifax.

Halifax Bus Driver Refuses To Secure My Wheelchair Properly

Bus Driver Harassment November 4th 2011

There has been many more incidences that I did not video tape..

So after you check out these above previous events, it is very obvious that the Local Police and Government have been repeatedly terrorizing me.

Which falls under the new anti-terrorism laws that were enacted across this country since the events of 9/11.

So under those laws not even the Police or government members are immune from prosecution for domestic and civil terrorism against me.

When are my human rights going to be protected? When is justice going to be done? Never is what I believe… Nova Scotia like Canada are now fully under the control of Zionist New World Order Corporations that pretend to be the peoples governments.

We the people have no governments.

We have no representation.

We have no governments that write laws protecting our individual rights.

The fake governments only write laws to favor other corrupt corporations.

If you would like to read my political activist articles about Canada, then please go to my Canadian Situations WordPress web site.

I will now explain to you the on going battle that all wheelchair users face in trying to have accessibility and how the city of Halifax miss treats and violates the human rights of the disabled that have to use a wheelchair to get around.

Below you will also see supporting videos about this issue.

I hope that after you read this and view the videos you will telephone the authorities to express some support for my situation.

I will provide you with names and telephone numbers.

This event started earlier in the summer.

It relates to Salter St which is the only street and sidewalk that connects to the Halifax waterfront boardwalk. Where I spend most of my summer doing photo shoots and folk videos of performers and buskers as you can see at my “Folk Photographer” youtube channel.

and my Daniel Towsey photoshop site at.

Being in a wheelchair means that the only socializing I can do is outdoors since most properties in Halifax are not accessible. This means that I can not visit any friends. This also means that I spend more then eight months of the year imprisoned in my home.

Going to the waterfront is a very important social event for me….

I have been doing videos like these on the waterfront for more then five years.

The problem is that The Halifax waterfront development commission thinks it has the right to block the sidewalk access at the end of Salter street so that I have no way to get on the waterfront unless I drive my wheelchair through private properties.

I almost never ride my wheelchair in parking lots. It is way to dangerous and drivers when backing out can not see me in my wheelchair.

I ended up in a wheelchair because I was run over by a driver almost three years ago while riding my bicycle.

So now I am seriously injured and disabled. I am very afraid to drive around cars.

My other option to get to the waterfront, is to go down a fair distance on Lower Water St. But the side walk on that section is made of bricks and it is all uneven, very bumpy and has holes where bricks are missing plus It has alot of very busy driveways. It is too painful for me to use that poorly maintained sidewalk.

So getting on the waterfront at the end of Salter St is my best option.

Please watch the videos about the fence blocking the sidewalk and the third video showing my complaint about it at the

Halifax city hall.

You can go to my youtube channel and see all the videos in the play list entitled “Wheelchair Rights.


Salter St was being blocked by a fence.

Salter St Obstruction Halifax Nova Scotia    part 1 part 2 part 3

NOTE: The City hall ignored everything and never dealt with this problem and so it continued.

This time there was the lady security guard there. I asked her why they are allowing them to block the right of way access to the boardwalk on the waterfront. The waterfront boardwalk is federal jurisdiction as all shore lines of Canada are and the boardwalks are built and owned by the federal government. So the provincial statute banning me has no authority on the boardwalk.

The power tripping security guard was very cold and nasty and cared not one bit about my accessibilty complaint or concerns.

She really upset me so I just used my wheelchair and moved the fence out of the way and went to the boardwalk.

Again I tried to speak with that security guard woman and she just did not care and told me so. She also told me that it matters not at all to her what my concerns are and did not want to hear anything.

So I told that I was not going to speak to her and I went on my way.

Over the next three weeks many time when I was on the waterfront that security guard was shadowing me. It was obvious she was looking for an opportunity to create an incident.

Which brings us to yesterday where she in deed did cause an incident by harassing me and interfering in my freedom to do music videos.

Yesterday I was doing video of Braydin Benham who is from Ontario.

Braydin is not familiar with the situation on the Halifax waterfront and the to often harassment by the security guards.He was told he was not permitted to Busk. (continued below comments)

Have a look at this short video entitled ‘Braydin Benham (4) Stopped by Security’



Marcel Otf Bessette says, Gonna share your story… you broke no law. Are you under legal personhood? Did you show identification? Either way their contracts are fraud, but it’s tough to get them to admit that in court. I’ll share your story though, one man protest.. :)

Daniel J Towsey says, Stay tuned I am writing a lengthy detailed article about this and why this happened. I showed them ID but I did not sign anything

Marcel Otf Bessette says, Here, start here, I could explain, but I don’t have the time… all you need, fill your boots. :D



Daniel J Towsey says, Thanks..will do I am very familiar with the free man on the land but that wont be much of an option with these criminals here who think they have authority over everything.

Marcel Otf Bessette We are not freeman on the land.. look at our identity document. We are a whole new bread, unregistered, unincorporated…. we have done it,,, so can you… maybe not for this case, but anyone can do it. Namaste

Daniel J Towsey says, great stuff..I will be including this comment thread in my article so others can learn too

Marcel Otf Bessette says, Please do, we are teaching what we have done already, to the world for free, even if you never join us. Peace.

Domenick Esgro says, I admire your cause Marcel. Namaste. I live in the U.S.A. and am interested in learning about your society. I imagine there are differences between are “systems”, but I believe there to be many similarities as well. I doubt the possibility of this working in the states.

Daniel J Towsey says, The problem in this world is that we are dealing with the criminally insane New World Order Corporatism..So no matter what we do that is civilized and just..The insane just keep killing and destroying all that is true and beautiful

Winged Knight says, Well when you show up in court they will not show or they will have to drop it.

Daniel J Towsey says, I do not think so..this place is run by freemasons..there no such thing as justice system here..cops and everyone else in the government lie about everything

Winged Knight says, Trust me stand up for yourself and fight it. If you don’t fight it then you can’t win. I had about over 1000 in tickets from a dick cop who tried to stick it to me I went to court and they dropped it all. I believe in you :)

Daniel J Towsey says, Oh I will fight it… But now every time I go to the waterfront they will harass me..

Marcel Otf Bessette says, Both are nations, are in fact corporations, with business addresses in the usa. It is almost identical. Unregistered, unincorporated is how you explain it, it is how we talk to the bank about our society. Thank you for your interest and support Domenick.

You are right Daniel, long run our society will bond our own peace officers, with full rights to stand up to any corporate agent committing fraud in how they do their jobs, just won’t be for a few years. Our programs first, then public support, then we peacefully change things… we have strategies to do this, without shooting any bullets… on our side anyway.. :)

Daniel J Towsey says, I love it..It is great to hear something positive ago being done..thanks

Daniel J Towsey says, So I went on the waterfront today Spt 13 2012 and the Police came and harassed me again and gave me another $275 fine for being on the waterfront.. Now they want to arrest me..remember i have done nothing..

Youtube viewers comments

Marcerileybessette saysNext time try to record more if you can, of both the security guard, and police. You have every lawful right to video evidence anything on public property. Peace.

FolkPhotographer says,Thank you..stay tuned I am writing a lengthy article about this. it will posted at wheelchairrights at wordpress There is more to this story then what you see here. This security guard was out to harass me and not Braydon.

(continuation) There is more to this story then what you see here. This security guard was out to harass me and not Braydin.

Where you will see that we were not causing any problems and you will see the security guard come stand in front of my video and the rest of the story continues below.

Which is why I am writing this article and this is about my wheelchair and human rights.

Braydin was not aware about my previous encounter with this rude and over bearing security guard that is on a power trip.

So this security guard tells Braydin a bunch of dictatorial lies and Braydin being the nice guy he is just went along with it all and started to pack up.

Then the security guard starts to walk away and I start talking to her and asking questions .

She rudely told me that she had no interest in being civil with me or to answer any of my questions.

She refused to listen to me so I spoke any way and told her she was wrong.

She continued with her tyrannical power trip altitude and then grabs her shoulder microphone and starts spewing out her miss authority crap to who ever she was talking to.

We could hear her exaggerating and lying and I could not be bothered with her.

So Braydin and I went far down the boardwalk and set up. As we went away, I told him she is probably calling the Police.

As it turns out I was right.

So the Police show up and the security wannabe Police officer has a thirty minute conversation with the officers.

I could not hear what they were saying.

The Police then come to me and give me this notice that Under the Provincial Protection of Property Act, I am now banned from the whole Halifax waterfront. Meaning that they are banning me from a huge public area. A whole section of the City. How can such a thing be legal.

This “Act’ is a violation of my human rights.. We already have laws to deal with situations, so how could anyone in government ever write such an Act that gives security guards this over reaching authority?

Just what are they protecting? I did nothing wrong except speak up for my rights against a tyrannical power tripping over bearing security guard.

I told them that I did nothing wrong and that they should be ashamed of themselves for harassing a guy in a wheelchair and violating my human rights to go out in public and on a public sidewalk being the boardwalk.

They did not care.

Remember that no business or property owners on the Halifax waterfront ever made a complaint about me.

The two Police officers never investigated by not speaking with me or Braydin.

The Police just spoke with the security guard and never spoke with me.

The Police were unreasonable and do not care for truth or justice.

They act like we are in a Police state where individuals have no civil or human rights.

 READERS COMMENTS on Youtube video

Winged Knight says, Well when you show up in court they will not show or they will have to drop it.

Daniel J Towsey says, I do not think so..this place is run by freemasons..there no such thing as a justice system here..cops and everyone else in the government lie about everything

Winged Knight says, Trust me stand up for yourself and fight it. If you don’t fight it then you can’t win. I had about over 1000 in tickets from a dick cop who tried to stick it to me I went to court and they dropped it all. I believe in you :)

Daniel J Towsey says, Oh I will fight it… But now every time I go to the waterfront they will harass me..


So the Police officer told me I am banned from the waterfront boardwalk, so I moved to the concrete area.

But I told him I was not leaving and that they had no right to violate my human rights especially since I never did anything wrong.

So the Police gave me a Trespassing fine of $275. Then the Police departed.

The next day I went to the Provincial Justice Ministers office and had a discussion with Fred Sanford Director, Policing Services.

He gave me a copy of the act and no where in the act does it say that it applies to public areas or sidewalks, nor does it apply to Federal Properties. It is a Provincial statute.

Fred was surprised about what was going on and agreed with me that this Provincial statute does not apply to the shore line of Canada that is Federal property.

My next stop was at the Halifax Police station to file a complaint about the first two Police Officers for not doing a proper investigation by not questioning me or Braydin.

The Police were lied to by the security officer and the Police did not care. My complaint is that the security guard is guilty of giving false information to the Police. Which is a criminal offense.

I also expressed to the complaints officer that the Police are peace officers and not Penal officers. They are not permitted to force penalties on anyone. That is only done by a Judge of the courts after a trial.

The Property protection act is unlawful and unjust.

I also said that the Police need to let justice take its course by my having filed my notice with the court of my disputing the fine imposed on me.

I then requested that the Police cease any harassment against me until this situation is taken to court.

I also asked the Police to go and get a statement from Braydin before he returns to Ontario which he will do very soon.

After this meeting I went to the court house and got a trial date for February 2013.

So then a couple of days later being yesterday September 14th. I met up with a group of musicians and we went to the waterfront to a buskers stage.

On the way I told them about what had occurred. They all acknowledge having had separate previous problems with that security guard.

The performance was going will and they had an audience sitting on the bleachers.

We were there for a couple of hours and the performers told me that the police were approaching behind me.

So I went towards the Police and they said to me that they were called because they said that the waterfront security had been there earlier and had asked me to leave.

I told them that no security had been there and that they never spoke with me.

I then asked the performers if the security had been here and they all said no.

Then the Police got into a discussion with me talking about being banned. I told them that I had no understanding as to where I was banned from and that the paper I was given did not indicate where the boundaries or limits were.

I also said that the previous officers the other day indicated that it meant the wooden boardwalk. Since the whole shore line comprises of many different private properties. I believed that I was permitted on the concrete or asphalt areas that were private property adjacent to the boardwalk.

I indicated to the Police that all this harassment of me they were doing was based on lies after lies by the security and the Police. And that there coming here based on more lies showed the pattern.

They told me that the security spoke with me and again like every other time previously I told them that security has never ever spoken with me.

I got really frustrated with the Police not willing to reason anything and I told them I no longer wanted to speak with them. Then I moved away from them and just sat there in my wheelchair observing the performers on the stage.

The Police then gave me another trespassing fine of $275.

One of the performers that had been listening to me and the Police, went over to speak with the Police.

After some time he comes over to the stage to tell us that the Police said they were going to arrest me, handcuff me and pull me out of my wheelchair and throw me into the patty wagon.

He told the Police that would be very inhumane considering that I am severely disabled and have numerous skeletal injuries from having been run over by a car.

He was shocked that the Police wanted to injure me a disabled person in a wheelchair.

So all the performers and I departed. The Police did not arrest me.

So today September 14th I filed a formal complaint against the Halifax Police.

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Jason Anderson SAYS, This makes me sick!!wtf!!

KeepEmStraight says, Go Kick Their Ass Buddy !!! Whack em 5 more times for me while you are at it..We are a sick bunch of puppies willing to double cross one another just to make a buck.. Ask them what part of the definition of respect they failed to learn,,, Bet you can find half of th same people in church on Sunday too. Go Figure / I know you have already done that. All the best from the other end of the conglomerate corruption field. Vancouver BC.

Bob Renner says, nasty gestapo pricks,,

This is the new follow up article.

Beware of the Halifax waterfront deadly gang.

written by Daniel J Towsey

January 9 2013

CSIS: China Controls Canadian Politicians

Published on 17 Nov 2012

CSIS warns Canadians that Politicians are under the control of China.
Sign up to Defend your country

CSIS warns of threats of foreign takeovers
Report comes as Tories review Chinese firm’s bid for Nexen

CSIS warns of threats of foreign takeovers

Report comes as Tories review Chinese firm’s bid for Nexen

By Jason Fekete, Postmedia News September 22, 2012

As the federal government re-views a proposed takeover of a Calgary-based energy company by a state-owned Chinese oil giant, Canada’s spy agency is warning such acquisitions can pose a threat to national security.

The shareholders of petroleum producer Nexen overwhelmingly approved Thurs-day the $15.1-billion US foreign takeover of the company by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). The proposed take-over – and the political environment for future foreign acquisitions – now rests in the hands of a Conservative government conflicted on the issue.

The vote by Nexen share-holders came the same day the Canadian Security Intelligence Service warned in its latest annual report that some state-owned foreign companies are pursuing “opaque agendas” in Canada and that attempts to acquire control over strategic sectors of the Canadian economy pose a threat to nation-al security.

The CSIS report does not identify specific state-owned companies or associated countries.

“While the vast majority of foreign investment in Canada is carried out in an open and transparent manner, certain state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and private firms with close ties to their home governments have pursued opaque agendas or received clandestine intelligence support for their pursuits here,” CSIS says in its annual report, tabled Thursday in Parliament.

“When foreign companies with ties to foreign intelligence agencies or hostile governments seek to acquire control over strategic sectors of the Canadian economy, it can represent a threat to Canadian security interests. The foreign entities might well exploit that control in an effort to facilitate illegal transfers of technology or to engage in other espionage and other foreign interference activities,” the report adds.

“CSIS expects that nation-al security concerns related to foreign investment in Canada will continue to materialize, owing to the increasingly prominent role that SOEs are playing in the economic strategies of some foreign governments.”

The CSIS report also high-lights that knowledge is power in today’s global economy, especially in areas of science and technology, meaning Canada is a prime target for economic espionage.

With that in mind, many countries are going to great lengths to find an advantage, the report says, which has led to “a noticeable increase in clandestine attempts” to gain unauthorized access to proprietary information or technology.

“As a world leader in communications, biotechnology, mineral and energy extraction, aerospace and other areas, Canada remains an attractive target for economic espionage. Several countries engage in economic espionage against Canada to acquire expertise, du-al-use technology and other relevant information related to those and other sectors,” the report adds.

“It’s important to note that those who commit economic espionage are not just interested in domestic Canadian interests and resources. Canada’s commercial interests abroad are similarly vulnerable. The implications of economic espionage on Canada can be measured in lost jobs, in lost tax revenues and in an overall diminished competitive advantage.”

The government’s review of the proposed Nexen take-over will consider a number of factors, including whether CNOOC, as for all state-owned enterprises, adheres to Canadian standards of corporate governance as well as how and the extent to which the non-Canadian company is owned or controlled by a state.

© Copyright (c) The Ottawa Citizen

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