Child forced to stand naked in living room window

Child forced to stand naked in living room window

Autobiographical true story

written by Daniel J Towsey

This is another chapter in my unpublished book entitled ‘The Snowball Effect”.

I have previously written and published these chapters, “Please Help Us”,

“Catholic Childrens Aid Tries To Kill Four Year Old Boy”, My promise to God”,

“How to seduce a child’, and

“Child Psychiatrist Hypnotizes then Molests Child for Seven Years”.

I have been a victim of non stop covert government insiders destroying my life through their unchecked

attacks on my private records and reputation.

If you are familiar with my other articles you will know that I have been a victim of horrific child

abuses at the hands of people in positions of authority.

All these crimes were always covered up and I was then further victimized by the state.

That victimizations is the reason for the title of my book.

As most people know today.

Anyone that works for the government is always protected and the government insiders will

never ever be held responsible or be investigated for wrong doings.

The insiders will make sure that every thing be done to ensure that, no evidence ever comes to

the surface that would put anyone in authority in the public eye.

So if you are, or were an abused child due to those in authority.

Then you will never be protected and justice will never be done.

I was repeatedly horrifically abused all through my childhood and beyond.

So I was then labelled with anything the state wanted to, to keep the eyes of the people off of the authorities.

Those in authority over the child, be they orphanges, foster parents, group homes or any other place that was given to

care for me were always told in advance that I was, this or that.

It did not matter what they said, as long as all blame for anything was always placed on me and not those in authority.

So as I was shipped from place to place all through my childhood by the Catholic childrens aid of Montreal.

They made sure that I was labelled and so the snowball effect continued.

Every place that I was ever placed in already had their minds made up before I arrived, and they treated me according

to what ever they were told.

I never knew what that was, but I did know that no one cared one little bit about me or my feelings.

After so many previous horrific experiences I had already been a victim of.

I was now being delivered to yet another place to live.

No one would ever speak to me about these moves.

I was never told where I was going and why I was going or even when I was going.

I never knew if I would be there for a few hours, days, month or what ever.

I was a ward of the government of Quebec through my childhood.

Since I was born a Roman Catholic, I was put under the care of the Catholic Church and its Catholic Childens Aid.

In those days the Catholic church in Montreal was very powerful and pretty well ran Quebec and the government.

Since most government employees were Roman Catholics.

So like many of my other placements.

I was now being delivered to a family in the subburbs of Montreal to be with yet more foster parents.

Foster parents that I was shipped to mostly took in foster children for the lucrative money they received every month

from the childrens aid.

This time things looked much better.

It was a beautiful home in a new neighbourhood.

This time unlike other places I had been placed in before.

This was a young family with a daughter and son close to my age, and they actually spoke to me and tried to be kind.

But that kindness soon disappeared after the childrens aid workers departed.

I liked this place for the first time in my life and I wanted things to work out.

But I soon discovered that, that was not to be.

I was never accepted as one of the family and was just existing with no emotional contact.

As you know from reading my previous chapters.

I now had new physical difficulties that I was not familiar with.

My right eye no longer functioned properly. I had nerve, skeletal and muscle damge to the right side of my face.

I was to young to understand these things.

It took me more then twenty years for me to begin to understand.

That without my being able to look at people in the eye that no one would ever trust me or believe anything I would say.

I could never understand why I had so many social problems to function with people.

The people I would interact with also could not know this as my injuries were not visible to them.

I moved into this home after my release from the other foster parents I had.

The ones I wrote my previous article entitled, “Please help us”.

So by now, I not only had physical injuries, I also was a severly traumatized and abused child.

So this made me very disfunctional.

I had previously almost never ever looked at anyone in the eyes as I was to afraid to.

I hated looking at evil people.

I had been abused my whole life previously.

But I really wanted to make things work out at this home.

But it was never to be.

My not being able to look at people in the eyes due to my physical injuries made everyone not trust or believe me.

Their son figured out that every time he did something wrong, he just blamed me so that he would not get into trouble.

Their son knew that his father never trusted me.

The son hated my being there.

He did not want me to get any emotional attention as this made him angry.

He did not like me at all.

So he made it his mission to always cause trouble and then would say I did it.

The boy loved it when he got me in trouble and his father would be screaming at me.

The boy would have a huge smile on his face.

But as usual the snowball effect continued.

I had no idea what people were saying about me behind my back.

But because I had my injuries to my face and eye, I was unable to make many facial expressions.

So this further increased my suffering in my life.

The father tried to be fair.

But I never responded.

I had been so traumatized in my life, that every time someone screamed at me I just froze and would say nothing.

I was exluded from all normal family interactions.

So I just stayed in my room by myself.

I never remember eating with the family.

I was always hungry.

I spent most of my days being punished for things.

I never even knew what these things were.

I always just saw their boy smiling.

One day I found a huge bag of peanuts.

So I stayed in my bed and just kept throwing the shells behind my headboard. Not realizing that I was creating

a huge pile under my bed that was clearly visible.

So the father again was screaming at me non stop.

My not responding just made him madder.

So he decided to strip me naked and forced me to stand on the ledge of the bay window in the livingroom.

He made me stand there from early evening until it was very dark out.

I was not permitted to sit.

It was humiliating to watch people walking by and their staring at me.

So now their son was so absolutely pleased with this that he did something really bad.

I still had no idea what he had done that he was blaming me for.

But this time his father belived that his son and I must of both been guilty.

So he made both of us stand naked in the window.

But his son was only made to stand for maybe a half hour.

He somehow again convinced his father that I was the one that did it.

Now the father was so mad at me that he made me stand there until at least midnight.

I saw a woman walk by many times and the last time she walked by was very late and she was headed home.

She called the police and I was taken out of this foster home.

This time the Catholic childrens aid found my mother and my three other brothers that I had never lived with.

They Found my evil father and made him a deal.

The church bought my father a new luxury townhouse in the new Bayshore of Ottawa.

They told my father that they would give him the townhouse on condition that he take all his children back

and live outside of Quebec.

The Catholic childrens aid of Montreal was getting rid of me and my family.

The next chapter is entitled “How to seduce a child”


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