Child Psychiatrist Hypnotizes then Molests Child for Seven Years

Autobiographical True Story

By Daniel J Towsey

(UPDATE Nov 25 2011. I just received a notice from his lawyer to take this article down.

I just phoned his lawyer and advised them they had better reconsider any thought of me

going to court and testifying to the truth of my article. I advised them that they surely

would not want me to testify to this matter and that they should instead consider an out

of court settlement before I consider taking this article down.

I await their response by phone.)

This started when I was about eleven years old in Toronto Canada.

The Jewish Doctors name was Dr.Marcilio. Head of the Child Psychiatry

Department at the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

I first met this man when my family began family therapy sessions.

After some sessions my family was advised that the problems I had were as a result of my family

miss treating me.

My family totally did not like this and stopped going to the sessions.

But my family eagerly agreed to Dr.Marcilio continuing to see me privately.

The doctor realized that I had absolutely no family support.

The doctor knew that no one would ever know what his intentions toward me really were.

He knew that I was completely at his mercy and will.

I had serious social skills problems due to my horrific childhood of abuses

and having been a ward of the government all through my childhood where I was severely sexually, physically and

psychologically abused while in the Montreal Catholic Childrens Aid Society.


From early childhood till about nine years old.

I was very young and extremely venerable to any kindness.


I was a very lonely child. I really  needed love and caring that I had never received in my life.

So Dr.Marcilio befriended me.. So I believed at the time.

He would always have private sessions with me when there was no other staff around.

Especially after hours. In his office at the hospital.

I always found it odd that I could clearly remember the first few minutes of our time

together and then my next memories where always as I was leaving.


And that was always many hours later.

I could never understand why I was always very physically exhausted.


My hair and clothing was always very messy.


My pants were always loose and my belt was not tight.


There was one time when my belt was not done up and my

zipper was down.

I always had to walk a long ways to the bus and had a very long and confused ride home.

It took two hours to get to and from the hospital.

I had extreme difficulties with my bearings as I headed home.

I was really puzzled and even scared as to what and why this was always happening after

I saw the doctor.

I for some unknown reason was always willing to keep returning to see the doctor.

I could not understand why I kept going back as I could never remember what was going on

while I was with this doctor.

I saw this doctor once or twice a week for years.

He asked me to meet him at many different offices.

And always it was after hours and there was never any other people there.

I was a very handsome child.. Actually I was very innocent and beautiful.

I believe that is why the doctor was attracted to me.

I really cared about my neat and clean appearance.

I always combed my hair very carefully.

So now I began to give up on taking care of my appearance.

Again I do not know why I stopped grooming my hair and keeping my clothes very tidy.

As I got older and wiser. I really needed to understand the situation I was in.

I had no concept or knowledge of hypnosis.

But I made sure that the next time I returned I would be very observant and I really wanted to

know and remember what was going on in these sessions.

I wanted to know why my clothing and hair always got all messed up.

I wanted to know why I was always so exhausted when I left.

So now I was not so young and naive. I really paid attention.

I noticed that the doctor immediately began talking very suggestively

and talking at me and using suggestive speech.

This clued me in. As I no longer trusted him I was not os easily influenced.

But I still did not know what was going on and I had to keep going along to get a better understanding.

Then I noticed the most bazaar thing.

The doctors eyes were literally extending out of his skull and got really huge. That was scary.

Then as he spoke his eyes would vibrate.

I then fell under his hypnosis and I again cold remember nothing else.

But this time again as I was leaving confused.

I could remember what I just wrote above.

So now I had something to think on and understand.

Dr. Marcilio had invited me to his home.

I was now about seventeen years old.

I met his kids and mysterious wife. Dr. Marcilio again started

his suggestive hypnotic behavior.

In front of his wife.

But this time I resisted his hypnosis as I had an understanding as to what to expect.

I looked away when his eyes began to vibrate.

The Doctor instructed his wife and kids to leave and go upstairs.

But this time I consciously went along with his suggestions.

He lived in a huge three story grand older home in the posh Rosedale area.

Dr. Marcilio asked me to follow him into the living-room.

Where he asked me to lie down on the full length couch.

He then lied down on top of me. This really frightened me.

But I stayed calm because I really wanted to know what was going on when I went to his sessions.

I wanted to know what it was I could never remember.

But the situation got uncomfortable and I had to ask him.

What are you doing and why are you lying on top of me?

The doctor gave he his usual controlling words…

He had no idea I was not hypnotized.

He then continued rubbing himself on me.

Getting himself excited.

I again calmly asked him what are you doing.

The doctor was bigger and heavier then me.

I could not of got him off of me if I tried.

So again he paid little attention to me and just gave me his hypnotic answer.

And he continued.

So this time I spoke very loud and he then reacted and was shocked.

He realized his wife would of heard me.

He quickly got off of me and began screaming to make it sound like and appear as if I had offended him.

Because he knew his wife was coming down the stairs.

He kept screaming at me and then ordered me to leave his house.

He really wanted me to leave because his wife was asking what is going on.

The doctor had to get me out so his wife would not know what I had to say.

I was shocked at his reaction and so was his wife.

But then after I left I had allot of time to reflect on what had happened.

I one day while watching a television show about hypnosis,

fully realized what had been happening.

I one day found Dr.Marcilio at the Islington subway station while he was on his way to work.

I very loudly screamed out at him in front of many witnesses.

I asked him “Dr. Marcilio what have you been doing to me while you were hypnotizing me?”

He was shocked, freightened and ran away as fast as he could.

I later found out that he quit his job and moved out of his house.

I believe he left the country.

Then shortly thereafter the whole huge Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital complex of at least 300

hundred acres of many separate (out buildings) dormitory hospital buildings was shut down.

I hope that what I have written here will be of some help to other vicitims of sexual abuse at the

hands of the dangerous quackes known as psychiatrists.

I also hope that everyone with children never ever leave your children unattended by you and in

the hands of so called trusted public workers that are being entrusted with the care of vulnerable and innocent children.

I have had to live with this experience all my life..

The worse part being the psychological damage that this doctor did to me.

He left me lost and unable to trust anyone, as such I was unable to have a normal trusting

relationship with others.

He did allot of serious harm to me… And I had to deal with it all on my own.

As no one would ever trust my word and they always took the word of the doctor as truth..

This is just like when women get rapped and then when they speak up and try to get help.

They get further victimized by the system and have their minds raped over and over again.

Being further traumatized and hurt…

I have written this and other autobiographical articles of my history for the public record.

Also because the chain of the snowball effect of abuses I have been a victim of never stopped.

This is what happens to innocent people who are victims of the state and its members.

They will continually attack the victims so that the members of the state’s evil will be covered up.

They, the state (government) cares not at what cost.

They care not who they destroy or kill to keep their secrets of child abuses going on.

My life’s Education

People in trust.

Have taught me,

The pain of want

The pain of abuse

The pain of poverty

The pain of neglect

The pain of torture

The pain of isolation

And the worst pain of all,

The pain of utter and complete loneliness.

It has been so painful to be a quick learner

I have survived this long because I kept my promise to God

Please read  “My Promise to God”

You can read other snowball effect true stories at

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From: “Alex James” <> Dear Daniel, Dr. Marcilion is still listed in the directory as working at St. Clair. Please advise. Thanks.

Marcilio M P Dr Psychiatrist

200 Street Clair Avenue West Toronto, ON M4V1R1 Phone: (416) 921-9631 Business Types:

Physicians & Surgeons Response from Daniel Wow I am amazed he is still around..

The story I wrote occured between 1972 to 1981 I thought he left…I guess he just moved to another location…

There has always been no justice for me in this zionist country..

The Zionist network is so huge and so evil..and most people refuse to understand the danger all good people face..

If there was justice this child molester should be charged..But there is no justice in Canada..

There is only covert zionist control.. I was a victim of child abuses all through my childhood..

Thats why I am writing these things out.. One day someone will see the patern of evil I have survived.

Canada is not the country that is being portrayed for public is a place where the elite purverts rule,

control and abuse.. they even kill at will..that includes the mkultra program they ran in quebec while I was in the orphange..

The nazi cia actually took orphanes and anyone who had no concerned family to keep an eye on them,

they took these kids and homeless for their mind control experiments..

It is estimated they killed over 50,000 kids in these experiments..

This occured in Quebec during what was called the Duplessi years of child abuse from the fifties to the sixties..

I lived through the Duplessi years and suffered so many horrific abuses.. Have you read “My promise to God” ?

bye for now You may distribute my response..but please do not include my email.. Thanks.


Child Psychiatrist Hypnotizes then Molests Child for Seven Years.pdf


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  1. Please remove these slanderous and completely false allegations immediately on this site and yahoo forums and any other place you may have posted them. Failure to do this immediately will result in legal action.


  2. Is this Comedy? Have you thought about getting a spell check, or grammar check program before posting such nonsense? From reading your story you come across as a frothing lunatic, get back on your meds before you harm someone.


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