Friend In A Bottle – POEM

Friend In A Bottle – POEM

by Daniel J Towsey

I met my first friend at the local tavern..

I was young.

My friend was Russian..

We got along very well..

The conversation was very liquid and easy…

We later parted and I unfortunately could not remember who my friend was.

I later found another friend.

This friend was as sweet as wine.

We kissed and embraced.

All was jolly.

Unfortunately later I could not remember my friend.

So I continued on and went in search of another friend.

I found another friend and took this one for a drive.

It was the last time I ever remember driving
because my friend took control of my steering wheel
and caused the death of another..

So I went and found a different friend.

I found an Irish friend, an English friend, a Scottish friend.

The local Liquor store was full of friends…

When my friend was gone I would just go get another one.

My friends did not judge me for my unshaven face, my wrinkled clothes,
or my appearance.

But passers by always judged me when I was not with my friend.

My friends hung out with me at the park or the local corner.

Sometimes a friend would spend the
cold night with me and we had great conversations.

I could speak to my friend about all my problems until I fell asleep.

My friend was always an empty friend in the morning.

And passers by judged me.

Everybody needs a friend.

Friend in a bottle (poem)


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