Hockey Trading Cards

Hockey Trading Cards

(A child adventure story from the good old days)

by Daniel J Towsey

It is the early sixties. Dad just turned on the hockey game after listening to John F Kennedy’s Speech on Secret Societies and their overt activities to take control of the world.

Dad calls you to come and watch the game.

You just finished watching a really exciting hockey game on your black and white television.

This is the days when hockey players really played a sportsman hockey game based on skill and talent. The hockey players never hit each other. A good hockey player got to really excel in his skill as he was able to stick handle and never had to worry about being attacked and injured. The hockey players never wore any protective gear or even helmets. Even the goalies did not have helmets. All players were very careful to never inflict injuries and they never aimed the puck at the players or goalies head.

After the game, mom gives you your allowance and tells you to go outside and play. You were never allowed to stay in the house and waste all your time in front of the screen.

You just got your five cent allowance. Your all excited. You run out the front door and run as fast as you can to the local friendly variety store to get the latest release of new hockey cards.

You rip open the package, throw the stick of gum from the package into your mouth, start chewing and hope to find a card of a supper hockey star like Bobby Hull and you almost choke on your gum when you find one.

The back side of the cards are loaded with that players scoring and playing statistics as well as the overall standing of the team he plays for. My favorite was always The Montreal Canadians.

Now you know all the other boys in the neighborhood will do anything to get that card. You are really happy because this is actually the second card of Bobby Hull you have. So now you’ve got a really good card to trade with. You know that this card can get you dozens of other cards to help you to complete your collection of this seasons NHL card series.

So you know from experience and cunning how you can trade allot of other hockey cards for this card.

So you walk around your neighborhood like a peacock and show off your really rare card to all the other boys. They offer you many of their best cards for trade.

The excitement grows among the boys. So all the boys who want this card are all given a chance to get it. You arrange for for a card throwing game.

A card throwing game is where each player puts up their best card. All players have to be in agreement that each player has a special card that the other players want.

So you take your card and stand it up on a slight angle against a wall. Then you draw a line about ten feet away. This is the line that each player takes a turn to toss a card from, in hopes of knocking the card down. The player that knocks the card down will get to pick up all the cards that the other players have already tossed.

You hope to be the one to knock down your own card, so that you will get all the other cards for free.

You repeat this game for each players best card that they put up on the wall.

You always come to these card tossing competitions with as many cards as you can. Because your out of the game when you run out of cards.

Each player keeps tossing until he run out of cards, at which time they are eliminated from tossing. Until there is only one player left with cards to toss. That player keeps tossing trying to knock the card down.

If by chance all players exhaust their cards supply and no one knocked down the last card. Each player will get to pick a predetermined number of cards off the pile and continue playing until someone wins by knocking down the last standing card. Then every player hands over their remaining cards to the winner.

All summer long your out doing odds jobs like cutting grass, painting a fence or what ever to make money to buy trading cards to try to get as many ordinary cards as you can and of course you try to get cards to complete your collection.

You speak with your friends, you tell them what cards you have available for trading. A trader will do everything they can to complete their collection of the whole series of cards for that season. Because you know that the stores have a limited supply and a limited time to sell that seasons trading cards.

If your a cunning trader you can get many cards in trade for one. Giving you lots of extra cards to play with in the card tossing competitions.

The card trading will go on for many years as you grow older. The especially special cards go up in value every year. So that one year in the far future you could actually get rich buying and selling rare special cards.

But then you become an old guy like me who wonders what ever happened to the days of innocents.

Hockey no longer has any real stars. All you have today is violence on ice. You sit there in your old rocking chair on the porch. Listening to the birds at the lake.

And dream of the days when people and society were simple and beautiful. The days when truth mattered.

Until that silence is broken by the strange digital sounds coming out of the opened window and of a child screaming at a screen while he plays his lonely digital game.

You as when you were young are the one that still goes outside and does not waste his time in from of a screen. The child of today does not get excited over the simple pleasures of life and going out to see their friends and make new friends with a common interest.

What child today would go out and run down the street to see other friends screaming hey look at the score I got.

The hockey score no longer matters.

The corporate mind of today has captured the minds of the youth and has stolen their innocents.

The child of today is socially engineered by the corporate media to be a good self centered and selfish consumer.

The child of today becomes the adult of today who knows nothing about the simple and beautiful people from the past.

That corporate screen has stolen the most precious thing of all. It has stolen peoples very souls.

So the old guys just sit there lonely and ignored and thinking about their memories that no one has the time to listen to.

The lesson to be learned from this story is. Keep your kids away from those corporate digital screens for if you do not. These children wont even have memories to think of when they become elders. They just have the gitters and wont be able to keep their fingers from flickering.

They’ll just end up very lonely in a seniors residence and be heavily medicated. They will get no visitors and even if they did they would have no old stories of interest to tell and the mind altering medications they are on will make sure of that.

Then the death squads from the new Obama health bill will come in and just sign your life away. and label you as useless to the corporate state.

What ever happened to the good old days.

The Creation of the First Corporation is what happened.

Please read my article “Creation of the First Corporation”

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