How to assassinate a cyclist

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11 Halifax Complicity 911 Eyewitness A Truth Soldier

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Photos and description of scene where they drove car over me

Attempted Assassination Victim Testimony

by Daniel J Towsey

by A Truth Soldier

(Also please read this related article that explains why this car was driven over me and information as to why the Halifax Police were involved in this below)

This is written for research purposes, any resemblance to what happened to this author on November 22 2009 is ABSOLUTELY deliberate.

So here we go..

You’ll need a team of four put into key positions.

But before you can do this you’ll have to do some research as to the cyclists regular routine or routes commonly used by the cyclist.

You’ll need to approach the cyclist to have a good look at his bicycles’ construction and quality.

When the opportunity presents it self, you’ll strike a friendly conversation with the cyclist. Ask him about his mountain bike.

Since he is a photographer that uses his bike to go on hikes, on nature trails to get amazing photos..

He’ll be easy to get a conversation going about his beautiful photography.

While talking to him check out his bike..ask him if you can squeeze his brake levers (to determine how fast this bike can stop).

Now its time to pick the best location. What better location then a very long downwards hill.

You pick a location that has little traffic..thanks to the studying of the cyclists habits you find a perfect spot.

It is quickly determined that since this cyclist lives in a small town and that there is only one main road that this cyclist has to come down to get into town you search therefor the perfect location for the assassination.

You discover that this cyclist always comes down this street (weather permitting) around 11:30 am while on his way to the soup kitchen for comeradery and lunch and to bring some food home.

The spot is perfect.. It is a ‘T’ intersection.

What better day to pick then Sunday when there is little traffic and right in front of Gods house at that.

You pick an absolutely beautiful and sophisticated blond woman of around 45 years of age to drive the car.

So that no one watching would ever believe that this beautiful woman could possibly be so evil as to deliberately kill a cyclist.

You have this driver wait and sit at the corner by the stop sign. The driver just has to wait and watch to the left for the unsuspecting cyclist to come by and when he does.

You depend on your helper across the street to stop the oncoming traffic to your right by going across the crosswalk and stopping the traffic.

The timing has to be perfect. Just as the cyclist to your left is coming down the long hill and is about to pass, you gun your car while appearing to be making a left turn and attempt to strike the cyclist to send him flying across the street and to land just ahead of the crosswalk.

Then your accomplices are to run over and remove the bicycle from the scene and also remove the cyclists helmet while pretending to give care to the cyclist.

So that now it would appear as if this cyclist was actually a pedestrian struck at the crosswalk.

One of the accomplices is to direct traffic away so that there will be no witnesses. The drivers will assume that there is nothing for them to do as the cyclist appears to be attended to by caring people.

Now you need to have one lone police officer sitting very close by to intercept any 911 calls and to be the first one on the scene. By doing this he’ll keep all other honest Police officers from the scene.

This Police officer will make sure that all witnesses are sent away. He will make sure that there will be no witnesses to testify.

Now he just has to create his fictitious accident report and all will be all-right.. He makes sure that the driver listed is an old woman of 78 years. So that everyone will excuse the accident due to her age.

(Also if the cyclist actually survives and when the time comes to file a claim in court. They will say that the elderly lady passed away and the claim can not go ahead.

That is assuming that this fictitious driver even existed at all. And how did this Police officer identify who the driver was and which car struck the cyclist? Since the car drove away.Who told him which car and driver it was?Did he see a car that had likely damage to it?)

The newspapers will report it all as just an unfortunate event and no one will ever know the truth or suspect any foul play.

The Police officer makes sure he does not take any pictures of the scene or any measurements. He absolutely makes sure he does not take pictures of the front underside of the car which would show that the car actually made impact with the bicycle and not the cyclist.

He also makes sure that his Police report does not list the vehicles license plate so that the liability case or possible subsequent further investigation could be jeopardized.

Now understand that by the time the Police officer shows up all signs would appear that this cyclist was actually struck crossing the crosswalk. As the bicycle and helmet were not visible and the accomplices are to have sent all witnesses away.

The Police officer can not say that he knew that this cyclist did not have life threatening injuries and that he believed this cyclist was fine and there was no need for a serious report to be made.

The Police officer knew that the ambulance had called ahead for a trauma team. How would the officer know if this was not to be a fatal accident requiring a serious report?

The cyclist upon returning home two weeks later found two messages waiting on his phone from the Police officer pretending that I was okay and that he expected me to be home  that evening and said that he had found my bicycle on the side of the street and wanted to bring it over. The bicycle was brought over and showed little damage. But chain was coiled and the rear wheel would not turn anymore. The bicycle clearly showed that the car did not drive over it. So hows it possible to drive over the cyclist but not the bicycle he was sitting on?

It was to be another perfect professional assassination.

If you wonder why there would be a professional assassination attempt on this cyclist who is known as A Truth Soldier just start reading his articles of truth that are posted all over the world on the Internet. You can read and or download them at because,

“When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grassroots truth revolution

will blossom form the enlightenment”

For without truth there can not be any

Truth Justice or Liberty

Remember that the opposite of truth is insanity.

Truth is the light and insanity is infinite darkness

But did not go as expected.

As the cyclist approached and saw this car sitting there forever, wondering why it was not signaling or pulling out as there was no opposing traffic nearby.

So the cyclist started riding his brakes to slow his decent down this very long hill as he approached this intersection with this suspicious car just sitting there.

The cyclist saw a very dark black presence where the driver was sitting. It was a bright clear sunny day but the cyclist could not see this driver through this black cloud around the driver.

Satan’s assassins never expected that this ex-auto mechanic had just replaced and tweaked his bicycles’ brakes.

The driver gunned her car as expected but never expected this cyclist to be able to stop his bike as fast as he did.

He actually locked his front tire in an emergency stop.

The front tire was skidding and smoking while the back tire was off the ground.

This cyclist was amazing, he was able to balance himself on his front wheel while stopping.

The driver must of been shocked and amazed to see this cyclist stop so fast. But this driver was determined to kill this cyclist.

This driver also slammed its brakes on to stop the car to match the cyclists’ speed and position.

The driver came to a full stop just two feet from the cyclist, just as the cyclist also came to a full stop and the back tire was about to come back to the ground.

All this time the cyclist was looking towards the driver but could only see the whole interior of the car was completely black.

The cyclist being only a few feet from the driver could not see the face of the driver. All he could see was a mysterious black presence.

So the driver turned its steering to aim at the cyclist and proceeded to move forward.

The cyclist could not get out of the way.

The car slowly moved forward and knocked the cyclist off his bike.

The impact with the bicycle was very loud, the car shook through its’ whole body. The bike scraped the underside of the front plastic bumper surely leaving marks on the cars paint.

Now the cyclist was knocked down in front of the car lying on his left side, with his feet under the car and near the cars right tire. The back of the cyclists head struck his bikes frame leaving a large imprint in the back of his helmet proving that the bicycle was right behind the cyclist and would of prevented the car from moving forward.

The driver had to wait for the accomplice to remove the cyclists’ bike off the scene and out of the way so the driver could go forward.

The driver moved the car slowly and the car came to rest against the cyclists’ right shoulder that was not on the ground.

The cyclists body was now stopping the car from moving forward.

The driver kept the accelerator on.

Now the car was slowly crushing the cyclists right and left shoulders arms and elbows that were draped straight down his torsos sides.

This was causing the car to crush and break ribs in multiple places on both sides of his torso where the elbows were and ribs on both sides of his shoulders.

The cyclists’ right arm above the elbow was shattered and pulled out of the shoulder joint, and the cyclist knew that his back was now being broken.

The cyclist never panicked or lost consciousness. At this point the huge car tire was right beside the cyclists face.

The cyclist realized that he had only one option left and that the car would surely break his back and kill him in a few seconds.

So the cyclist took a huge risk and did all that he could do and ignored all the pain and forced himself to quickly turn his body to his right so that he would immediately be flat on his back not knowing for sure if the car would drive over his head.

(Fortunately the cyclist was wearing a very special hurricane or mountain climbers knapsack. This knapsack was very special. It had a solid full back plate and very large thick foam pads. This gave support and helped to absorb the weight of the car and cushioned the crushing effect of the car)

This old mechanic was not unfamiliar with the underside of a car and its aerodynamics and knew that this was a front wheel drive car.

He knew that the car had its wheels turned to the left and that the accelerator was on.

So that when the car lurched forward its weight would be aerodynamically shifted to the right tire.

Everyone knows that when you are turning left all the weight of the car shifts to its right side.

The car jumped up and came back down and drove right past the cyclists face (The cyclist thought he could actually kiss the tire it was so close but chose not to kiss his life good bye) and down his right torso and chest and down over his left hip, breaking multiple ribs, collapsing his right lung tearing his large intestine and causing serious damage to the left hip joint.

Now the cyclist was in horrible pain.. His head was out from under the car on the drivers side. He was still lying on his back and was looking right up at the driver but only saw a black presence.

The car was moving forward very slowly.

The cyclist felt this black presence looking down to see the cyclists head just a couple of feet away and his legs under the car.

This driver from hell had failed to kill its victim. So the driver had one more chance and decides to floor the car and drive over the cyclists legs with the rear tire.

Thankfully the cyclist never panicked and heard the cars engine roar. The cyclist immediately flattened his legs and lied still so that the car would not break them. Then the car very fast, drove right over the cyclists right knee and then his left knee leaving permanent damage to the function of his knees. The car drove away up the hill. (please note that the cyclist was not struck and sent across the street in front of the crosswalk)

Now the cyclist was in a state of shock from the multiple serious blunt traumas (and internal bleeding) to his body. Fortunately the cyclist was wearing heavy clothing and a full length coat, and gloves which prevented tears to his skin.

The cyclist was now very concerned about the cars coming down the hill driving over his body lying in the middle of the street, so he began rolling back and forth to make sure that he would be spotted.

While trying to comprehend what was happening and thought that God surely took the brunt of the cars weight off of him.

Then the cyclist actually rose to his feet and noticed that his bicycle was not anywhere to be seen.

This cyclist knew that this was a deliberate hit on his life.

He turned around in time to see the woman looking at him as she was getting out of her car only a few feet away up the hill.

She stopped her car near the middle of this small narrow street (Portland St at Hawthorn in Dartmouth Nova Scotia) to leave enough room for vehicles to drive by.

She looked right at the cyclist as he stood with a look of complete indifference on her face.

The cyclist in horrible pain slowly stood up and with proud dignity looked right at the woman who tried to kill him and loudly asked her ‘WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” With a disgusted look of total indifference, she immediately and calmly turned to look at her accomplice across the street and quietly and calmly asked if he had decided to call 911.

(oh and an other note that the investigating police officer never indicated who made this cell phone 911 call in his report)

She showed absolutely no concern what so ever for what she had just done.

The cyclist immediately collapsed down onto his left side and put the back of his head down on this helmet. He was in horrific pain.

The cyclist was so thankful to have this helmet to rest his head on.

Then some black shadowy figure tried to take the cyclists helmet and someone yelled out.

No do not take his helmet away.. as it was holding the cyclist head up and keeping his neck straight.

All this time the cyclist was looking to his left up the hill towards the woman.

The cyclist felt his vision narrowing and everything began to go dark. The cyclists vision was beginning to feel like in a dark tunnel. He was loosing his life he was dying.

It was a bright sunny day but the cyclist was surrounded by blackness.

The cyclist could only see through a tunnel vision of light being in front of him. He felt a blackness closing in around him.

He felt such a strong sensation of Satans angels of the dark overwhelming him.

Then he felt a light presence coming towards him

and saw a most beautiful face of a male angel approach.

The cyclist was dying.

The angel kneeled down and held the cyclists left hand.

The cyclist said to the angel that “I can not go on, I can not make it”

The cyclist very very slowly closed his eyes to die as he had stopped breathing due to the crushed lung.

The Angel immediately squeezed very hard on the cyclists left hand and at the same time screamed really loud


The cyclist heard Gods angel and very very weakly and slowly opened his eyes. The cyclist felt the power of God flow through the Angels’ hand.

The cyclist could only take a very shallow tiny breath, the cyclist took many very shallow tiny breaths while trying to reinflate his lung.

Then in the complete silence the cyclist hears the most lonely sound of all. He hears the sounds of a far far away whaling siren echoing in the distance.

Wondering if he would be alive when help arrived.

The Angel held the cyclists hand and continued to speak soothing words of comfort.

Until the ambulance arrived and the paramedic jumped out, looked at the angel and said “We are going to call in the trauma team, this is a code re_d.

Then the Angel disappeared and the cyclist life was left in Gods hands.

Then the cyclist saw the investigating Police officer climb into the ambulance and ask ‘How many bangs did you hear?” The cyclist answered four and the Police officer then left.

The ambulance attendant then began to cut off all the cyclists’ clothing and noting that the cyclist clothing was covered in a black powdery substance. This was very strange as the road was clean clear and dry.

This mysterious black substance came from the underside of Satans assassins’ car.

God guided the hands of all the wonderful trauma team Doctors in saving the cyclist life.

The trauma team had to resuscitate the cyclist.

Then a team of eight surgeons began the long difficult process of trying to save this angel.

It will take a book to continue writing the series of events that followed.

The cyclist is now living in his house prison as he can no longer go for walks or hikes.

He can no longer travel by public transit as he has a broken back and very limited use of his hands. His right arm was repaired with a prosthesis and he can no longer lift his arm. He has approximately fifteen broken ribs. Has lost his large intestine. He now undergoes physio-therapy four times a week. Has medical appointments everyday and is seeing many surgeons, undergoing many xray, catscans and MRI’s

He is still having serious complications from his internal injuries.

The insurance company will not provide funding for the cyclist to go out shopping for personal necessities of life. The insurance only pays for taxis to go to medical appointments related to the accident.

The cyclist has difficulties in getting any good sleep. He has just been provided with a hospital bed for his home and is going to get home health care for cleaning starting in late April.

Unfortunately he lives in a building that is not accessible and is in the need of an electric scooter (wheelchair) to be able to go out and have a little bit of improvement in the quality of his life.

He asked his building owner if he could make use of an exterior double set of doors that are level with the ground to use temporarily for his scooter. The owners said no. These doors lead to a room that is not used for anything except to store junk.

If the cyclist had a scooter he could go out to search for an accessible building to move to.

The cyclist had to fight for three months to get someone to pay for him to have a four wheel walker with a seat.

The cyclist walks very poorly and very slowly even with the walker for only about five minutes. As the limping caused by his damaged knees and hips cause allot of pain for his broken back (T8 Compression fracture) He can not lean on the walker due to the injuries to his shoulders and arms. He uses the walker for balance to keep his back straight.

He can not carry anything and is happy that he can use the walkers’ seat to carry things on.

The cyclists’ walking is so pitifully terrible that when he was walking without the walker people who saw him thought he was a drunk or on drugs. They would be very cruel.Walking very slowly down a very busy hospital corridor was so very difficult as the cyclist had to keep his back very straight and could not walk around other pedestrians. They would walk into him and give disgusted looks wondering why I could not walk around them.

The cyclist realizes the most horrible truth that people can not see or know what has actually happened to him and they can not know that he has survived serious multiple trauma injuries from being run over by a car.

The injuries and event that this cyclist has survived are unheard of. When is the last time you met someone that has had a car drive over them and also survived?

Now the cyclist has to endure living a very lonely life. He observes life go on about him. Life seems to be passing him by at an accelerated pace as everything the cyclist now does is filled with overwhelming pain. The cyclist now has to move very slowly with everything he does.

As he says his body is now a symphony of pain. Its like the conductors hands constantly moving and pointing at different spots where the pains come from.

The cyclist has discovered that his ribs that are broken in multiple places are not healing and rejoining. This is due to not having been able to sleep comfortably. It took him four months of phone calls before he could get someone to provide him a hospital bed to sleep in at home. If he had received this bed when he got home his ribs might have healed better.

Oh and while the cyclist was in hospital he told the hospital to fix his records to show that he did not have a family doctor. The hospital refused to change the information on his records so that the doctors in the hospital would of known that there was no family doctor monitoring his situation and that there was not going to be any necessary follow up done upon his release from hospital.

So all my in hospital records appeared that everything was in place to help me with my recovery upon being released.

This was not the case. I arrived at home incapable of doing anything for myself. I had no food and could not go out to get any. I was on the phone to the health department, charities,the food bank and even churches. I could not get anyone to come and help me.

It appeared to me that they did not care if I starved.

The shadow government has been very effective in making it appear to everyone as if I were just a piece of sh_t.

The cyclist has refused pain killers and morphine and as such now doctors and people do not believe that the cyclist is in any pain. The cyclist has chosen to manage his pain without these health damaging pain killers.

Now they are hard at work to destroy my legal case and want to make sure I stay in my prison and receive no financial compensation of any kind.

The cyclist still fears for his life as he has discovered that he no long lives in a free and open society built on truth justice and liberty for all.

The corporate shadow government is now completely free to assassinate anyone it chooses. All they have to do is make it appear as a normal everyday event of life. As they say,“Accidents will happen”

Our society no longer has any checks and balances. There are no independent over seers to investigate corruption in what used to be the peoples government.

People no long seem to care for truth. For God is the truth and is why I am A Truth Soldier.

God most of spared this cyclists’ life for a special mission for this cyclist to complete.

This cyclist (The Visionary Folk Photographer) had spent years hiking through thousands of miles of Gods country and capturing visions of the beauty that God created to share with the world.

God gave this cyclist a very special message from above.

God showed his presence..

This Visionary Folk Photographer captured the image he now calls

“The Sun of God”

and showed it to the whole world on the Internet..

It can be freely downloaded and viewed at these locations.

And many other sites.. you can freely download and use this image for non-profit only on condition it not be altered.

I am A Truth Soldier for God is the Truth

Written March 31st 2010

How to assassinate a cyclist.pdf

Current Location: Nova Scotia Canada


Dominus Sathanas
In my country the US there is a lot of gang stalking and stuff exactly like this. You can look up “intro to gang stalking” into youtube. They always go after activists and people who speak up about certain corporations (whistleblowing) in the US as well.
So this is in Nova Scotia, Canada, The Ukraine, France, and The US. What I know is that in my area neighborhood watch are involved, some of the medical profession are involved, law enforcement to some extent, Cointel Pro/Intelligence Agencies, and psychiatry as well.
Financial discrimination and censoring of mail is common. This Norwegian musician Varg Vikernes I am a fan of was having his mail censored as an activist and the government of France was doing the same kind of harassment. Many targeted individuals have their mail censored as well. All of this is very common.
Yes to everything you said…


ANGELS at work Enhanced Caught on CCTV Camera

watch this full screen in HD

Published on Sep 19, 2012

First I would like to say this is not my video. But after watching it 50-100 times I thought it deserved my full attention. I decided to take the original video and Enhance it the best I could.Because the original video was shot in 1080p I was able to get full zoom in the areas I wanted to look at and was able to slow it down frame by frame.To me this is more a case of Time Travel/Manipulation then it is Teleportation. Was it just coincidence that a person who knew how to teleport people was there at the right time?Or did they know it was going to happen? Check it out and tell me what you think.

AWESOME teleportation in China – Impresionante teleportación en China

Are Angels real? Are They Our Personal Protectors? What is Their Association with UFOs?

Wed May 16 2012 23:30

By Timothy Green Beckley

They are known as The Watchers. The Protectors. Heavenly Benefactors. Or simply God’s Angels. And each one of us is said to have one or more personal “Guardian Angels” sent to observe, guide, and remove us from harm’s way. They are invisible, but yet we are lead to believe they are never far from our side. In fact, if we are to accept as factual the Scriptures, the Creator has given us the power to command Angels to do our bidding. . .and they CANNOT refuse!

Ok let me say first off – and anyone who knows me can verify this – I am not a religious person in any way, means or form. Seldom go to church. Don’t watch televangelists, and haven’t picked up a Bible unless it’s to check out some reference to what might have been an ancient UFO sighting described in the Holy Book. I did visit the Vatican and produced a 90 minute documentary SECRETS OF THE VATICAN.

Let me explain that I am not an atheist, but I am prone to wanting to examine the evidence and demand proof from scholars, not religious rhetoric. To me, some of the Good Book is just absurd. But I am interested in the supernatural and in miracles, and in visions, and the Bible is a great reference, a fabulous study of a great deal of paranormal activity. And Angels, of course, are as supernatural as you can get.

To prove that we practice “individuality” at the Conspiracy Journal/Bizarre Bazarre which I publish, not everyone on our staff is of like mind. Associate and the author/co-author of numerous books for Inner Light/Global Communications, California-based Sean Casteel expresses his Christianity openly. While he does not have any actual degrees in Biblical studies, he is about as well-versed on the Bible as a layman is likely to get. In addition, he has cultivated friendships with several Christian clergy and even fundamentalists. He is one of the few researchers to have a close Christian connection that he manages to relate to UFOs, though most of his writings are of a secular nature, not being one to proselytize.

Recently, Sean and I worked on a book together that has caused a certain degree of controversy, it being a topic that is a bit out of the scope of what I normally would tackle to either research or write on. Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer pertains to what I call “the dark side of UFOlogy,” i.e. demonic influences, blood rituals, animal and human mutilations, the Nazi tie-in, the shape shifting powers of aliens as well as the morphing of their craft, the Jinn, and a host of other horrifying, shadowy aspects that seem to go hand and hand with the sightings, encounters and abductions.

Some UFO witnesses, it turns out, are literally pulled down to hell after what they have experienced. UFOlogists, for the most part not wishing to deal with the possible “Satanic influences,” have avoided this area ofinvestigation like the plague. Its UFOlogy’s “dirty little secret,” but one Sean and I were not willing to sweep under the rug.

So, with the help of a number of other luminaries in the field such as Nick Redfern, Chris O’Brien, Allen Greenfield, Tim Swartz, and Scott Corrales, among others, we tackled the subject head on, offering up some pretty starting and frightening conclusions as to what sinister force might be behind this phenomenon.

From the outset of our laboring to edit this material together in a comprehensive manner, Sean was concerned that we might be giving only one side of the story

– that we hadn’t told the entire tale. He felt that if some of the UFOs are occupied by “demons,” there have to be others coming here of good will that are of a highly evolved spiritual nature.

These beings, whether of a flesh and blood consistency or of a pure etheric serenity in form, are what apparently are referred to in the Bible as Angels that would be part of God’s Heavenly forces.


During the time I have been involved in UFO research and in publishing books on what I like to term “alternative studies,” several people have asked me if I have ever had an abduction experience or feel that I am being guided to do this work since hardly anyone else can claim they have made a career since the age of 14 out of publishing such diverse, almost inspired, books and magazines, resulting in printing hundreds of titles which would probably otherwise never have seen the light of day.

Well, the only missing time I can recall was in first grade when I tripped over my own two feet while playing a game of kickball in the school playground and ended up in the hospital with a loss of memory and my late sister looking down over me when I came to. I could have been lifted out of my body in some astral way then, but let’s not go that far.

Early on, at the age of three or four, I did have a “near death” experience of sorts which I haven’t related previously and which may have involved a guardian angel or some other corporal being.

My father was raised in Kentucky, in the small town of Shelbyville, located about 30 or 35 miles from Louisville. It’s the home of the king of fried chicken, Colonel Sanders .My parents met and married in Kentucky, but soon relocated back to my mom’s home state of New Jersey.

My mother had asthmaand other allergies, which were relieved by a yearly trip to Kentucky in the family Oldsmobile. Naturally, I went along on the trip, which lasted three or four days, nestled in the back seat with my blanket and toys.

One time, as the family “legend” goes, it was getting really late and there were still a few hours of driving to do. My father was at the wheel and wanted to continue right through to their destination. But it was getting increasingly foggy and my mother insisted he pull over to the side of the road right away so as not to meet any unseen traffic.

The next morning, when the sun came up and cut through the fog, it turns out the vehicle we were in was on the cusp of going over the side of a mountain cliff.

If they had driven another two feet, I would not be here today to tell you this story or to be the publisher of so many works on spiritual and paranormal subjects.

Of course, I can’t prove it, but with all the other things that have happened in my life, there is a good possibility that angels and UFOs are related. I do believe that they are inter-dimensional beings and come from another realm.

So it’s quite possible that my life was actually saved by an “angelic being” of some type so that I could carry out my life’s work, which might in turn benefit their overall mission.

I guess it wasn’t my turn to go. Someone is sort of sitting “up there,” to see that we don’t end up dying before our allotted time.


Of course it’s all well and good that Angels are assisting us in our personal lives, as well as protecting the planet from Satan’s ravages. Sometimes they come in the whispering of the wind, wielding their fiery swords.

At other times they may enter our world using craft known to us as UFOs or flying saucers. Many of the old religious paintings show beings surrounded in light, thus the concept of Angels having halos.

Adding wings was a good indication that they flew about one way or another. They were said to look just like you and me, but were always bathed in a golden aura.

One of the things most people don’t fully realize is that God created Angels to do our bidding. It’s not a sin to push them to help you out. But one of the primary things is that you know HOW to contact them and WHEN it is the best time.

My late friend, William Alexander Oribello, is one of the most advanced spiritists to have ever served the planet. His works, such as Candle Burning With The Psalms, God Spells and Master Book Of Spiritual Power, have provided a great deal of enlightenment and satisfaction to those who have diligently studied his study guides. Because of the continued demand for his work, we have updated and considerably expanded a previous edition of ANGELS OF THE LORD – CALLING UPON YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL FOR GUIDANCE AND PROTECTION.

In this rejuvenated edition, Oribello discusses not only his own ongoing relationship with Angels that started visiting him, materializing on the street and in his bedroom at an early age, but how with a few simple rituals which include burning different colored candles and knowing what is the best time of day to attempt to communicate, makes them highly receptive to our demands. Your Guardian Angel MUST assist you – he has been created by God to do so and nothing else!
ANGELS OF THE LORD tells you how to make use of your own angels and so much more.

Ontario Coroners Report on Bike Safety Has Lessons That Apply Everywhere

  • by TreeHugger
  • June 20, 2012

 Ontario Coroners Report on Bike Safety Has Lessons That Apply Everywhere

Written by Llyod Alter

129 cyclists were killed in Ontario, Canada between 2006 and 2010. The Chief Coroner for Ontario has just released a thorough investigation of them, and come up with findings and recommendations that have lessons that are applicable everywhere. Significantly, the first and most important one is for Complete Streets.

Before I start looking at the broader recommendations, I have to note that all the local headlines are screaming “Ontario Coroner calls for mandatory helmets for cyclists”. Herb at Ibiketo writes:

The media has latched onto the helmet recommendation like it is the magical talisman that will solve all that harms cyclists. Drivers won’t have to change anything, it’s all up to the cyclists!

Except that the report didn’t call for mandatory helmets, it is a nuanced recommendation that calls for helmet laws “within the context of an evaluation of the impact of this legislation on cycling activity,” which is a very different thing. But more on this later.

Coroner’s office/Public Domain

What’s an Accident Anyways?

Right at the start, the coroner notes that there is no such thing.

It is important to note that deaths resulting from cycling collisions, just like motor vehicle collision deaths and pedestrian deaths, are not “accidents” in the sense that all of these deaths were predictable, and therefore preventable.

Surprising statistics

The vast majority of cycling deaths were male (86%) and more than half of the cyclists killed were over 45 years old. Peak time of day was between 8:00 and 10:00 in the evening. in 83% of the deaths, conditions were clear. Only 4% of deaths happened during periods of poor visibility.

So those most at risk appear to be boomer men riding in the evening, not the usually blamed hipsters riding through stop signs in rush hour.

Coroner’s office/Public Domain

The great majority of the accidents involved the cyclist being hit by the bumpers, hood or windshield of cars. The coroner infers from this that “the majority of collisions took place when the driver was attempting to pass the cyclist.”

Clearly, there is an issue here of sharing the road; the great majority of accidents are cars hitting cyclists, not cyclists hitting cars.


In fully half of the 18 deaths where the cyclist was killed by a truck, “In half of these, the cyclist impacted the side of the truck, resulting in the cyclist being dragged, pinned or run over by the rear wheels.”


In 71 of the 129 cases (55%), the cyclist sustained a head injury which caused or contributed to their death. In 43 of those 71 (60%), a head injury alone (with no other significant injuries) caused the death. Those whose cause of death included a head injury were three times less likely to be wearing a helmet as those who died of other types of injuries.

Whose Fault is it?

The coroner found that cyclist’s behavior contributed to 71% of the accidents, through inattention, failure to yield, or disregarding traffic signals. Drivers behaviour contributed to only 62% of the accidents, mainly by speeding, inattention or failure to yield, but the coroner suggests that this is possibly a significant under-representation of the facts because, by definition in this study, the cyclists are all dead and can’t defend themselves.


Significantly, the first recommendation, without qualifications of any kind, is for complete streets.

The concept of ensuring that cyclists could share the road safely with motor vehicles and other road users was a prevalent theme.

Literature was reviewed that emphasized urban design principles that were inclusive of all road users, not just motorists. In the United States, the term “complete streets” has been coined to describe such principles. In such a model, a variety of strategies are used to ensure the safety of all road users. Such strategies include cycling networks (segregated or non-segregated bike lanes; bike paths), and other means to permit safe access for all road users, including vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. Other strategies include low-speed “community safety zones” in residential areas with increased fines for speeding.

Formal Recommendation:

A “complete streets” approach should be adopted to guide the redevelopment of existing communities and the creation of new communities throughout Ontario. Such an approach would require that any (re-) development give consideration to enhancing safety for all road users, and should include:
• Creation of cycling networks (incorporating strategies such as connected cycling lanes, separated bike lanes, bike paths and other models appropriate to the community.)
• Designation of community safety zones in residential areas, with reduced posted maximum speeds and increased fines for speeding.

Sideguards on Trucks

The findings from our study indicated that half of those cyclists killed in collisions with heavy trucks impacted the side of the truck, where side guards could have potentially prevented or deceased the severity of their injures. Because of this, the Panel supported the recommendation for the introduction of mandatory side guards on appropriate heavy trucks.

Mandatory Helmets

Here, the report is very careful to note the controversy over mandatory helmet rules. In fact, it is one of the best summaries I have seen of the discussion about helmet laws. I quote a lot of it because it is important:

There were three general arguments advanced against mandatory helmet legislation….The first related to the potential for mandatory helmet legislation to decrease the overall number of cyclists. Proponents of this view cited the experience in Australia, where the introduction of mandatory helmet legislation was associated with a drop in cycling activity. Some research exists which suggest that the health benefits of helmets may be outweighed by the detrimental effects on overall health in the population through the decrease in cycling activity in jurisdictions where helmets have been made mandatory.

The second argument against mandatory helmet legislation relates to the view that government may see mandatory helmet legislation as “the answer” to cycling safety, with the result that other measures recommended in this Review (improved infrastructure, legislative review, education and enforcement activities) are de-emphasized or not acted upon.

The third point raised by members of the Expert Panel is that helmets are, indeed, the last line of defence and of value only after a collision has occurred. Instead of mandating the use of helmets, it was argued that efforts should be focussed on preventing the collision (through strategies such as improved infrastructure and expanded public awareness and education programs) – in other words, if one prevents the collision, helmets become unnecessary. In addition, some stakeholders felt that mandatory helmet legislation sent the message that the responsibility for safety rests with the cyclist alone, rather than being a shared responsibility of all road users.

While there may be differences of opinion with respect to the value of mandatory helmet legislation, the key message to all Ontarians is simple:

Helmet use by all cyclists in Ontario should be encouraged and supported.

Notwithstanding the varied perspectives on helmet legislation, the Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario takes the position that helmet use by all cyclists can and will decrease fatal head injuries. We feel that this is supported by the findings from this Review, and as such are recommending to the Ministry of Transportation that the Highway Traffic Act be amended to make helmets mandatory for all cyclists in Ontario. In recognition of the controversy that surrounds the issue of mandatory helmet legislation, both within the Review’s Expert Panel, and in the cycling community as a whole, this recommendation indicates that the implementation of such legislation should occur within the context of an evaluation of the impact of mandatory helmet legislation on cycling activity in Ontario.

Now that is a nuanced response, showing that the Coroner certainly is aware of the issues, and given the statistics on the number of deaths that might have been prevented, I am not certain he could have come up with anything else.

There are other conclusions; wearing headphones is not a good idea (possibly contributing to 21 deaths) nor is drinking and riding (possibly 30 deaths) or riding with shopping bags on your handlebars or heavy backpacks on your back.

In the end, the coroner’s report pretty much calls for what cycling advocates have been calling for: Better infrastructure, complete streets, paved shoulders on highways and sideguards on trucks. Everybody is complaining about the helmets without actually reading the report, which is why I include so much of it here. Frankly, after reading the numbers, I am putting mine back on.

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  • Bob Renner  says.

    gees Dan what a total screw up ,man YES your lucky your alive IS are here for some reason and i believe it is to get out the TRUTHS of our sneaky world,the antics they are doing behind our backs,which I have no doubt about when reading the truths you have been posting on your informative sites,I am willing and able to spread the word along side of you,which would be an honor,best wishes on your recovery if that’s possible,your a miracle talking.keep up the good man’s work we all need you more than ever.
  • Daniel J Towsey says Thank you Bob Renner

    davidharvey13th says Submitted on 2010/04/11 at 11:33 pm

    Hi Dan,

    My name is David Harvey. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I am married and 56 years old. I too have been in a terrible accident. The truth from the US Air Force that I broke my nose, damaged my brain, and broke my neck was hidden from me for 32 years. I have many health problems from this accident in a car. Thank God I do have a loving wife and I did not die trying to save my first wife’s life, but I was not recommended for promotion or re-enlistment.

    The last thing you need is to be bereft of all friends and family. I wish to be your email friend. If you need a friend, I am here at [BLANKED OUT BY ADMINISTRATOR]

    When we die, all we have left to take with us is our good name, and the love of our friends and family. We cannot dwell on the past and must accept those things we cannot change. But the best weapon is the mighty pen or in this case the internet. I once had a beautiful wife, 3 kids, and a good job, now I have no material possessions to speak of, 25 medications to take a day, I suffer in pain daily, and I do have a new and loving wife.

    You and I have the time to sort out the truth by the Internet and by prayer and some common sense. I have sold the TV as I do not wish to be brain washed by the bankers propaganda. I have spent my time searching for the absolute truth of Bible and how that relates to the news on the Internet, and I find that they do relate positively.

    We are slaves of the system and most do not even see or understand it.

    It is our task with the time we have left to educate the masses as to their truth situation of enslavement, but the powers that own the gold. The Golden Rule is, “He that has the gold makes the rules.” By this rule they rule supreme over us as they have stolen our birth right from God to be free, independent, and have liberty from men’s rule as subjects of the one and true God. They wish to be our God, and we cannot give in to this. Better dead than red or a vassal of a banker or politician who has no morales.

    I do believe we are on the same page.

    I read your article about your muscle car and could heartily relate to it. I felt the same about my 750 cc Kawasake with a racing ignition and full Vetter fairing.

    I once was strong, a body builder, with a 140 IQ and a near photographic memory, but now my memory is like Swiss chese and comes and goes and now only have a 100 IQ. The miltiary which caused my accident has for 32 years denied my injuries as they do not want to pay out for such.

    The pain from my injuries has affected my sleep patterns, I have none, my ability to think, recall, remember, organize, and act emotionally appropriate. I have PTSD and TBI, they will not give to me the TBI diagnosis, but I do have such by the symptoms alone. I am extremely sensitive to pain now and that requires many drugs, which have terrible side effects and further damages my body. I pray to God each day that he will promote me to glory, but few can see my internal injuries, nor do they connect they with my accident. By calling me a liar they have stolen my honor and intergrity. I have lost all my blood family, my former wife and our 3 kids due to this accident and my ability to work gainfully. This is a huge loss to my self esteem. I could walk 5 to 10 miles, but my heart has had 3 heart attacks, 2 heart failures and one kidney failure, due to the high blood pressure and diabetes as a result of the pain and lack of sleep, and major depression.

    I want you to know, you are not alone in this world. I too see the the lies and evil doings of the Illuminati to make our free countries into slave camps. I feel helpless to address this. I am unable to fight them physically or live on my own without their damn drugs, insulin, pain pills, sleeping pills, anti-depression pills, heart pills and so forth. For if I did, they could cut me off as they will surely do when the Universal Health Care take full effect, since I am over 50 years old and do not work, I am a useless eater according to Hitler.

    I have read several of your articles and agree with all that I have read. Keep on doing as you are doing, venting your anger at these bums is the first step of getting well emotionally. Informing the public is one way of taking back your life and preventing such from happening to others.

    It is a shame you do not have the love and affection of a wife and kids to aid you in this matter, but even if you did, as I had, they might have left you, being that pain and depression can put others who love you off.

    I will pray for you my friend and hope you will do so for me, for the Great Physician can be of assistance in healing and adjusting our feelings and reactions to this. It is this hope in God that gets me through each and every day or I would have finished the job they started on me long ago.

    David Harvey
    Columbus, OH, USA

    How to assassinate a cyclist


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