Janettes Delicate Sensuality

Janettes Delicate Sensuality

written by An Admirer.


To be a delicately beautiful woman in a world of silent admirers was her lifes journey .


I observed as the women around the ballroom watched Janette in admiration and wonder as the men gently

hovered near her for a chance to speak with her in hopes of seeing her most lively gorgeous smile. 


To hear her sweet gentle voice, to reach out and kiss her smooth precious delicate tiny hand.


All the men around the room would slowly turn their heads to sneak a look at her wonderful prescience.


Always wondering what they had to do to approach and speak to this most delicate creature.


The men would bump into each other while being occupied in the wonder of Janette.


The women in the room giggled and chatted about Janette’s magnetic attraction.


Janette had the most wonderful strong french accent.


Mens eyes would always humbly look down to the ground as they came close upon beholding Janettes purity.


Janettes eyes were so filled with vitality.


For a man to be close to Janette and look into her eyes was almost unbearable.


The giggles from the women and the quiet rumble from the masculinity filled the room.


But everyones attention was on Janette.


Janette owned and operated her own beauty salon called ’Elegant Coufeur”


Her beauty salon was very famous for Janette knew how do the most amazing artistic hair styles and make up.


Janette had a streak of blond going though her hair that was unique to her.


Coming close to Janette was a most exquisite experience when one would take in a breath of her secret perfume.


Any man that could stay in a conversation with Janette and not loose his composure was a rare thing indeed.


Janettes wit was so entertaining.


Janette had a way with men that no man could ever resist.


Janette was like Marilynn Monroe and of the same generation.


Men would smile at Janette but as always when Janette smiled back at them, the men just completely melted..


Her gentle voice and laughter was music to the room.


For the room would always go silent when she spoke for everyone wanted to hear and observe her rare beauty.


Janettes french accent was exquisitely pronounced.


Janette was an absolute flirt.


She loved being beautiful and attractive and the center of attention.


But Janette spent her whole journey through her life being attractive to men.


Men never knew what to say to her in a conversation.


Her beauty always left them lost for words.


Janette knew this and would just flirt and tease the mens sensuality.


It was so difficult for men to deal with their overwhelming sexual attraction to her.


She knew this well and teased them constantly but in a purely innocent and kind way.


Janette would always speak about happiness and often said that word.


There was a secret reason why Janette so often said the word happiness when she was talking with

the men around her.


For every time she said that word the whole room just went silent and everyone wondered if she was

saying what she was really saying.


Janette was my mother. And as I sat there when I was a child at a distance watching in admiration of

my mothers popularity.


I watched the reactions of the men and women in that ballroom as my mother with her french accent

would always be saying what sounded like a-pe-nis.


For her french accent always made the word happiness sound like a-pe-nis.


It was so amusing to me to watch the reactions in the mens eyes and the womens giggles as my mother

always talked with the men about a-pe-nis.


She knew what she was saying.


The men knew what she was saying.


The women knew what she was saying.


But no one knew for sure and no one dared to say anything.


So my mother would just continue being dazzingly beautiful and flirted with the men.


The women watched and learned, but could only dream of being as naturally beuatiful as my mother was.


But every time when my mother was surround by men and talked about happiness.


It was the funniest thing to see how the men tried their best to keep their composure.


So then, men quickly realized that if any of them dared to approach her with sexual attraction.


She would most surely make them think about it.



Many years later when I was older and fully understood what it was that my mother was really saying



I said mom! I know what you are saying when men at attracted to you.


Mom I know your french accent.


I suspect that you are always saying a penis.


My mother just gave me a gentle smile and turned back to her mirror to work on her make up.


Then she put on her delicious secret perfume and when she walked by me.


The smell was so beautiful and unforgetable.


All my memories of my mother are beautiful for my mother truly was a beautiful person inside and out.


I am now much older then when my beautiful mother passed away.


But I will never forget her and I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my mother, if only in your imagination.


So I wish you all much a-pe-nis. (Happiness) Hey I am french too……………Daniel J Towsey


I put up this video because she reminds me of my mom…She looks very much like Janette.. 

•✿•- ♥♥♥♥Anna Nygren♥♥♥♥-•✿•


Anna Nygren – Just wanna say I’m sorry

Official video for the song “Just wanna say I’m sorry” from the album “”In a Sentimental Mood”.


I’m Sorry Anna Nicole

Uploaded by on Feb 24, 2010

Men must have the political courage to work to end all forms of violence against women, most especially the commercial sexual exploitation that is fueling sex trafficking.

Male leaders have an enormous task, because their work will be done in a cultural context that has constructed their manhood around the pornification of human sexuality.

The fusion of erotic pleasure with the domination of females is a very dangerous place to have reached.

In fact, a core challenge men face will be the reclaiming of their sexuality from the pornographers.

“Jonathan Walton is a stellar example of what this male leadership looks like.”

Norma Ramos, Executive Director
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

Find out more.

Direction by Kim Sykes
Video shot and edited by Jeffrey Hellman
A special thank you to http://www.MovingBox.TV for donating their camera equipment.


Anna Nygren

Anna Nygren – I wanna be with you
0I don’t own this photo – taken from http://www.deviantart.com)


Dave Lambert Well done! I think I’m secretly glad I never met her, but all the same….!


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