My Promise to God

My Promise to God

A message from A Truth Soldier

Do not be afraid of discovering the truth of the evil doers actions for the truth

is the only thing that will set you free of their evil doing and allow you to fly with

the angels of heaven here on earth.

For earth is heaven and is Gods gift of love to us.

Do not be afraid to seek out the truth

and then to speak the truth.

Fly like an angel of heaven knowing that you have the knowledge of the pure

truth of God with you.

For without pure truth you can never fulfill yourself as a human for every

human needs to love.

There can never be any love without

pure truth in your heart.

So do not be afraid of the love of pure truth for without it you will never fulfill

your earthly

Existence to reaching your full potential of freedom.

If you do not always seek the truth and

then speak the truth you discover then

you can never fulfill your earthly existence.

As it has always been said.

You can and will find the truth only if you seek it.

If you do not seek pure truth

then you will never discover it.

Then you will be one that believes that

no person can ever always speak the truth.

Many have said that there is no truth.

That truth is relative to ones beliefs.

Will they are partly right but do not realize that truth is absolute and is a

living thing,

for only the living need truth.

The path to truth is an action, the action of always seeking and speaking

the truth is the absolute truth.

So truth is an action.

If you are not always engaged in the action

of seeking truth then you will never know

the full potential of truth.

For God gave us the freedom to decide

and make our own choices.

God gave you total freedom

and gave you heaven on earth to live and love.

The most important decision that every human

will ever make is this one.

The very first and most important

Decision in your life is.

Do you want to be a good person

or do you want to be a bad person?

If you choose to be a good person then your first realization will be that you

can not be a good person without engaging in the action

of seeking absolute pure truth.

As you continue on your path of truth

you will discover love.

You will realize then soon realize that truth

and love are one and the same.

When you finally find pure truth you will also discover that truth is

always so absolute and always so simple.

You will discover that only lies

and deceptions are complicated.

You will discover that liers are those that have deceived themselves and will

always try to deceive those that are on their path of discovering the

liberating bliss of pure truth and love.

Those that are deceived can not see or ever accept truth because they can

never accept that truth is just so absolutely simple.

Long long ago my wise old grand mother Towsey

told be some very wise words.

She said

Daniel, Always remember that to much

of a good thing is never good”

I have my spent my whole life appreciating those very important and

enlightening words.

I then one day realized their meaning

in my vision quest for truth.

If I had not heard those wise words i would of never realized and discovered

that to be whole one has to balance ones life with the understanding of

discovering the truth of both good and evil.

I then realized that if I choose to be a good person and a positive force for

truth and goodness that I had to seek and speak the truth of both goodness

and evil.

I made a promise to God when I was four years old living in a Catholic

Orphanage in Montreal.

I made this promise as I was hiding under my bed sheets.

All around me in this huge dormitory with church like ceilings all I could

see and hear was the absolute terrified screams of all the little boys.

Every night and every morning I witnessed them being savagely beaten

with huge leather straps and paddles.

I was praying in French with the beads of my rosary going through my


Every time I approached a spacing in the beads, I stopped

and was very afraid to look out from under my covers.

But I had to see and try to understand

the evil I was hearing and witnessing.

I knew that if I showed no fear and always kept very silent and never ever

spoke that I maybe able to avoid the horrific beatings.

Many little boys died at this orphanage.

A mass grave of over two thousand little boys was found in Montreal while

they were digging on the property where the orphanage had once stood.

So that night why I hide under my covers.

I did my very last pray bead ever.

I never again for the rest of my life

did another prayer rosary.

On my last bead I made a promise to God.

I promised God that I will for the rest of my life

always seek and speak the truth

for I realized that truth

was the only thing that would ever heal

my severely traumatized little mind and body.

I spent my whole childhood and adolescent life in absolute loneliness

because of experiencing horrific sexual, physical and emotional abuses

at the hands of people in authority.

In those days the catholic church

in Quebec was the the authority.

I wrote this poem “lonely Window”many years later.

As I watch an infant play,

As I watch a child play,

As I watch a daughter play,

As I watch a son play,

As I watch a family play,

As I watch strangers play,

As I watch friends play,

As I watch and never play.

I Scream!

“Can I come out and play?”

My vision blurs with teardrops now.

As I die of loneliness.

For no one knows I am there….

In that “Lonely Window”

Later I also wrote.

My life’s Education

People in trust.

Have taught me,

The pain of want

The pain of abuse

The pain of poverty

The pain of neglect

The pain of torture

The pain of isolation

And the worst pain of all,

The pain of utter and complete loneliness.

It has been so painful to be a quick learner’

So the next morning I again was awoken by the very loud echoing

screaming of the little boys

and the angry screaming nuns

that were savagely beating them.

I was always so absolutely horrified

by these experiences.

I kept my promise to God.

So that morning I mustered up my bravery

and I began my journey of discovering truth.

I later took a chance and sneaked over to a little boy and I asked his what

was happening and why were the little boys always so terrified.

I asked him why were so many little boy always screaming in fear and had

some many tears every night.

Why they scried all night until they fell asleep.

Why the nuns always beat on the boys that were crying every night.

Why the little boys would wake up in the middle on the night and would

always be screaming in such angonised horror.

I asked him why were thee nuns always then coming in and beating them

so savagely again.

I asked him why was the same thing happening

every morning.

I choose to ask these questions of the most delicate and gentle little boy I saw.

I realized that this beautiful little boy was always the most horrified one,

and the one that got the most horrific beatings.

This little boy was so absolutely amazed

by my caring and concern.

That it gave him the courage to speak up in a place where we were always

beaten if we ever spoke to anyone.

Speaking amongst ourselves was not allowed and we always received a

beating if we spoke.

But he answered me and it was the only time I ever again spoke to any

other little boy

while I lived at this orphanage.

He told me that all the little boys that screamed so much was because

they were so scared of the beatings from the nuns.

He told me that the little boys were so scared of the nuns that they always

would pee in their beds.

This little boy was the most terrified one of all of them.

He was absolutely so scared to go to sleep at night,

The nuns would scream at him and beat him savagely until he would

be silenced.

As soon as the nuns left the room he scried all night until he fell asleep.

Most of the little boys in this huge room with about twenty beds would

never be able to sleep until he stopped crying.

He was not the only boy that did this. At least ten of the boys would do

this every night and received the same treatment from the nuns.

This little boy was the one one that would always wake in the night

terrified and start crying.

He would be hiding under his sheet and moving around while crying.

I asked him what was he doing.

He told me that he would cry and cry while blowing as hard as he could

to dry his sheets because he was so terrified at the beatings all the little

boys got in the morning for peeing in their beds.

I then realized that I had made the right decision and promise to God.

Then and there and for the rest of my life

I questioned everything

in my desperate search for love

and understanding.

I searched and searched and never found love and understanding

from anyone.

For no one could reach me as I had been so severely traumatized all

through my childhood

that I could never trust anyone.

Therefore I experienced the most lonely existence

any human could ever endure.

I became completely introverted

and reclusive from everyone.

But I kept my promise to God.

I continued to seek the truth

so that I could understand

in the hopes that one day

my tortured soul could heal.

I knew not what truth I sought.

I knew not were this truth was hidden.

But I kept my promise to God.

I tried everything I could to find love and understanding.

But I knew not how to love for I had never been loved.

I knew not how to give or show love

for I had never been nourished with love as a chld.

AS I grew I experienced more savege hatred from strangers as they could

not understand me and rejected me.

I can not continue here now to write more about all the suffering I went through.

So I continued on in my vision quest.

I recently wrote a story called ‘ My Vision quest”

for I had some understanding and experience

as to what our native brothers and sisters also endured while they

too were inprisoned

in the churches child institutions.

I like them had childhood existence filled with pain, suffering,

abuses and sheer loneliness.

I to like them experienced being excluded from normal life and

locked away in institutions

of intellectual horror.

So I kept my Promise to God.

My vision quest is soon coming to an end

as now I am severely injured from having evil doers deliberately

drive a car over in an attempt to kill publicly while making it appear

to be an easily explainable accident.

In keeping my promise to God.

I have become A Truth Soldier for God is the truth.

In my Vision quest for truth I became a very intelligent and

knowledgeable person.

For one that spends his or her whole life always seeking th and speaking

the truth ends up being far more intelligent then those around who

seek no truth and only seeks the earthly luxuries

that greed and selfishness brings.

But I still kept my promise to God of always seeking and speaking

the truth.

For I realized that there could never be any pure love in my life

without pure truth.

For there can never be any love without truth.

Not realizing this in my life.. I recently came to realize that the

truth and love I always

searched for could only come from God.

For God is the pure light of truth.

I kept my promise to God

and I found the truth and understanding I saught.

I as A Truth Soldier have written and spoken of the truths of the

evils I have discovered and observed while I travelled in my vision

quest to mature as a human.

And this is why they have repeatedly tried to kill me.

For I have kept my promise to God.

NOW I am in that lonely window again and

Live by these words I wrote earlier.

I am in love and I am so happy

I did it, I found my soul mate.

Its amazing my soul mate is so beautiful and perfect.

I can count on my soul mate to never deceive me

or send me in the wrong direction.

My soul mate is always there for me.

We always get along because we are in pure love.

Our love works because its based on truth.

For without truth our relationship would be doomed.

We are never selfish for we always give of ourselves.

In troubled times I confide with my soul mate for support,

I tell my soul mate my deepest secrets and weaknesses.

I don’t fear exposing my innermost frailties to my soul mate.

Its so amazing what strength can be gained from sharing pure love.

Love makes me feel so good that I now can see beauty all around me.

I see it in the flowers and the bees.

I see it all around me in nature.

I see beauty even in the worst of storms.

I see it in other people who are in love.

before I fell in love with my soul mate,

I walked around and could never see the beauty all around me.

I am in love and I am so happy.

This pure love is so strong that I now have enough love

to give even to the sorriest of souls.

Love is so contagious.

Once I got pure love in my life I was strengthen

so that I could now share some of it with

those around me who have never felt pure love before.

This pure love in my life has humbled me so.

I could have never found my soul mate if I had not always sought truth

and always spoke the truth I discovered.

I have been completed as a human with this pure love.

I love truth for without it I would always be lost and deceived.

The more my love grows the more beautiful

my soul mate becomes for love is in the eye of the beholder.

I know that my soul mate will always forgive me if

I am always willing to face and admit the truth of my wrong doings.

My soul mate will always know if I am not being truthful to myself.

There can never be a pure love in my heart if I am not always truthful to myself.

For my soul mates pure love could never reach me if I am not pure in truth.

I am in love and I am so happy.

I love you God for you are the truth and my soul mate.

Please read my related article

‘How to assassinate a cyclist’

if you would like to read a very graphic rendition

of the recent attempt on my life

by organized crime and those in authority.

Because I kept my promise to God.

Please note that the city, province and country I live in has no one

in authority that will investigate or acknowledge anything that has

ever happened to me including this recent attempt on my life in broad

daylight in front of many witnesses. I live in a society where Truth

Justice and Liberty only pretends to exist.

My Promise to God.pdf Right click to download

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