Please Help Us Childhood torture and abuse because of Catholic Church

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Please Help Us


 ‘Please Help Us’ Childhood torture and abuse because of Catholic Church

Daniel J Towsey

I have to warn my readers that this is another chapter of the autobiographical series I am writing (The Snowball Effect) about the horrific child abuses I experienced while I was in the so called care of The
Catholic Children’s Aid of Montreal. In the early 60’s.

The present follow up article to this one is Child Forced to stand naked in livingroom window”.

I feel that it is very necessary that I make this public. I feel that I need to give my loyal readers of my online articles of truth some background into who
I am and why I have chosen to be A TRUTH SOLDIER in the War against TRUTH, JUSTICE & LIBERTY, That the New World Order insane international bankers are engaged in.

Therefore I have to recommend that you not read this article if you are a young person or a very sensitive person, for I will be describing in detail.

The horrors
I went through in this one of many different places I was placed into by the CCAS of Montreal.

I would like to explain an over lapping difficulty I suffered from previous serious injuries I suffered as a young child.

I will be writing in detail about these in two other chapters I will call “My Evil Father” and “Orphanage Horrors”

Here’s the point. All my life I have suffered with impaired vision in my right eye.

As I suffered serious injuries when I was under five years old.

The head
injuries I suffered made it impossible for me to use my right eye.

But worse than that all the people I had dealing with did not know this.

So every-time someone spoke to me, they never trusted or believed me as I could not
look them in the eye when they spoke with me.

To make things even more difficult.

When I was a child, I did not know or understand this. 

I was not aware about my bad vision and it’s implications until
I reached my teens.

I have spent my whole life dealing with and trying to understand my difficulty.

Vision is such an important part of lif

My vision impairment has seriously lowered the quality of my life.

The worse thing is that my disability is not visible to others. And no one could possibly
understand it.

So the reason I have told you this now, is for you to understand why my series is called The Snowball Effect”

I was now about seven years old.

I was just removed from another abusive situation and brought to another nightmare by the CCAS of Montreal. 

I remember this so clearly.

It was a bright sunny day.As usual strangers were holding my hand and delivering me to another place.

This place was a foster home. The house was in a new Montreal suburb.

It was a duplex with a driveway in the centre going downwards into a built in garage.

the left was the stairs going up to the entrance. 

On the right there was a balcony over the entrance of the garage. 

I never got excited about the new homes I was placed in. As so far all my experiences in life had been absolutely painfully horrible.

We entered and were greeted by this typical and pleasant looking family.

There was a boy and a girl.

All of a sudden I heard and saw my mother. I was not aware that she was with me.

She never once spoke to me on the way there.

And as usual I never looked up
at the adults around me.

I was always very depressed and always looked at the ground.

Plus I had only seen my mother twice for brief periods in the preceding three years.

I did not know my mother.

My mother did care for me. But she was only a child herself and had absolutely no control over my life.

My mother spoke up and said to this foster mother that she had brought some new flannel pajamas for me.

I had never ever gotten any new clothes before in my

The woman looked at the pajamas and was pleased with herself.

I never saw those pajamas again. 

She later gave them to her son and gave me junk to wear. 

I never saw or heard my mothers voice again for another two years after this day.

The workers and my mother left.

I thought that I was going to now get to know these new people in my life.

But I was in for another horrific experience.

I was immediately grabbed by the hand and brought down the stairs to the basement.

We walked to the other end of the basement and she opened a door into a dark windowless room.

She turned on the light.

I noticed that the light switch had been
placed up high were I could not reach it.

This room had no furnishings. The whole floor was covered in old blankets.

I realized that this room was the single garage.

She did not say a word to me and locked me into this dark room.

This was my welcoming to this new world I found myself in.

The next memory I have was when the light came on. I saw that the whole room was full of other little boys. There was about fifteen of us.

We did not know each
other and we never spoke. 

We were all always in a state of shock.

We were marched upstairs every morning for a very quick breakfast before being sent to school.

Now are you ready for this? Every single day breakfast was the same. On the small round table there was a huge pile of toast. At least three loaves and water.
Yes water.

There never ever was any other food.

We were yelled at to eat very quickly and get out.

We were not allowed to sit down because there was not enough chairs. ( I can not remember ever eating supper)

So I was outside, I had no idea where I was or were anything was.

I saw many other kids walking. 

So I thought they must be walking to school, so I followed them.

My next memory is when the teacher was asking children for the money that their parents had given them to purchase the necessary school supplies for the year.

Each child was called by name to come up to the front of the class and hand in the money.

I did not move when my name was called. The whole classed looked at
me. I felt so bad.

The next memory I have is when the teacher was handing out the supplies.

Again each child was called up one at a time and given their supplies. 

I was the last one called up.

The teacher wanted to make sure that the whole class saw how generous she was.

She said that she was giving me supplies because
I was poor and had no money.

She made me feel so bad by singling me out like that.

Then she gave me a dirty look because she thought I did not look appreciative enough.

Remember I rarely if ever looked at anyone because of
my vision impairment and I could not trust anyone.

I looked at the school supplies that I was completely unfamiliar with.

I had never seen these before. For I had never before attended school regularly.

My next memories are of the cafeteria.

Everyday I sat there hungry.

never had a lunch. I could smell all the wonderful smells of the students lunches.

I always
just sat there and watched them eat.

I was always so hungry.

Until one day when this really beautiful and kind little blonde girl came walking up to me and offered me a piece of her sandwich.

I was so hurt by this. She
did nothing wrong.

But it was the first time in my life that anyone had ever shown be kindness.

It hurt so much to know what I had never had before. I ran out of school in shock and I never returned.

I am taking this moment to thank that little girl.I doubt very much that she will ever read this. But just in case.

[For my readers, please understand that it is oh so painful for me to write this article and relive the memories.]

The foster parent I had was so evil.

I was sent to school in the middle of Montreal’s very cold winters.

Without a winter coat, scarf, mittens or boots.

am not exaggerating.

Its even worse.

I was given running shoes with the toes part of the shoes cut off because my feet were too long for the shoes.

Everyday, I tried to get to school fast, for I was freezing.

But that was not the case. For everyday the neighbourhood boys were waiting in hiding to attack
me and pelt me with snow.

They said I was a freak.

They truly looked forward to the enjoyment of hurting me. 

So this is another of the many reasons why I stopped going to school.

Please note that the foster parent was well paid and could afford to feed and cloth me properly.

She choose to keep all the money to spend it on herself.

I have so many fond but very lonely memories of the many exploration adventures I went on when I did not go to school.

We lived on the out skirts of Montreal.

So there was plenty of wilderness, farms, abandoned homes, junkyards and more to explore.

On place I truly enjoyed was the new house construction sites.

For the first time in my life I began to learn something that I truly enjoyed.

I spent many hours walking around and in houses under construction. 

It took along time for me to approach the carpenters.

But one day I did and I asked a question.

The carpenter was so nice to me. He did not threaten me.

He kindly
answered my questions and never hurt me.

They never chased me away. 

For the rest of my life I have had a special appreciation for the kind and hard working people that are the ones that are truly making it possible for us to
have all that we have.

But everyday ended in a bad note.

I always had to return to that foster home dungeon.

There always seemed to be some foster boy in trouble.

The woman was always yelling and beating on one of us.

I especially got it bad.

For the boys soon realized
that I never spoke up or tried to defend my self. 

So they began to blame all their bad doings on me.

I never responded.

Even while she was beating me with belts or what ever.

I never cried or spoke.

I spent months on end forced to stay on my knees.

I was not allowed to speak or look around.

I got beaten if i did. But I thought that better then being locked
up all the time in that dark basement prison.

One day the woman had to go out so she locked me in her double closet in the bedroom.

Well what an experience.

She decided to regularly lock me in the closet.

I preferred that over being on my knees.

I got a chance to see light and doing some

I listened to the constant banging of the tailgates of the huge dump trucks banging all day as they did road work.

One day i decide to explore the huge closet.

Boy what a surprise I got.

I found a huge pile of boxes of chocolates..

I am not kidding.

There were hundreds.

mean right to the ceiling at one end of the closet. 

Well I was hungry.

I opened one of the boxes. And guess what?

You bet I ate and I ate and I ate chocolates.

It was the first time in my life I had ever had sweets.

I expected a beating later. But weird.

She never beat me. She never said a word. 

I guess she did not want anyone to know about her chocolates.

I guess that’s one of the things she spent the money on to take care of us.

Until one day.

I was awaken in the middle of the night.

All the boys were screaming in a panic.

The light came on.

There was a huge rush of little boys going up the stairs.

It was at least two in the morning.

I got to the top of the stairs. It was dark out.

There was boys everywhere and more were coming up.

Until one spoke up and said that the tallest boy was very

He was trying to get up the stairs.

He was in allot of pain.

Holding his stomach.

I new what was wrong.

He was starving like the rest of us.

But because he was older and bigger he needed more food.

The boy did not make it to the top of the stairs. He died on the stairs.

Next thing I remember.

There were police or ambulance guys there.

For the first time ever I spoke. I screamed out. PLEASE HELP US!

They are starving us to death 

I never saw that place again. And as usual the cover up began again.

My next memory is of this huge floor with old wooden office desks as far as one could see.

There was this frantic and mean person on the phone. 

She looked at me with the meanest ugliest look and yelled at me.

No one wants you and she really hated being up in the middle of the night trying to place me.

Will the Catholic Children’s Aid decided to cover up their problem by rounding up my other two younger brothers.

That I had never met.,

my older brother and

They made my father a deal.

They bought him a brand new townhouse in the new Bayshore community of Ottawa..

This way I was shipped out of Quebec.

And all records of the abuses I suffered were destroyed.

I was returned to my evil father that I was originally taken from and place in the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Montreal.

So the church handed me to the devil himself.

Thank you for reading. This is not THE END.


How to seduce a child

readers Comments

Evelyn De Roose Sweetie I couldn’t read all of this. good to know you want to write a book, hope it will help you thereputically anyways.

i had to just
forget my past, not focus on it, don’t feed the flame. I move forward the best I can myself, I am also writing things out, although i don’t need my book to go anywhere except out of my head.

I live on disability now, not even
minimum wage.

i survive cause I have to, if only to let others know they are not alone.

i think we have a whole generation of children that grew up in abuse and foster care. Mine was in alberta, canada.

apparently this kind
of thing has happened all over the world. sorry for your losses.

How about your gains?

just talking about this in public shows that you are very courageous just like me and many others as we survived, now let’s make the most
out of life and do the best we can with what we have. 

Every bone in my body including my skull has bee fractured and broken, not one day I go without pain and somedays cannot walk. and I too may never work again.

glad for
a computer to know I am not alone many have survived also. so let’s try to get more education into schools systems.

for i realize now knowledge is the key and using it works for the better of the many.

Evelyn De Roose p.s. i am involved in a class action suit against alberta child welfare, they failed all children in their care! apparently not just
in Alberta!

I think childwelfare should be banned and fired, let them live in poverty and pain. what kind of a person doesn’t care that bad things happen to children and now we suffer for the rest of our lives!

I know a few
names of suppossed social workers.

Maybe you can look for a suit in montreal?

Daniel J Towsey Hi..Thanks for your great comments..
I had to go public and also become an activist for truth because the abuses from those in power never ended for..
They have done allot more harm and evil
to then this true story (above)

I have written some other articles about some of the abuses I went through..
I will be re posting this on this site with the comments…
You might like to join this group and be sure
to check out the archives and files.
Site deletted

London, Ont., boy rescued from ‘squalid’ house a ‘child with

A 10-year old boy rescued from horrific living conditions in London, Ont., told police there are two things he really wants — some regular food and to go school — signs that he is a “child with resilience,” the Children’s Aid Society says.

The boy, who police say had been locked in a squalid bedroom for at least 18 months and was wearing urine-soaked pyjamas when they found him Friday, is now in foster care.

“The fact that the first thing he wanted was to go to school, I think, is a very positive sign that this is a child with resilience,” Jane Fitzgerald, executive director of the Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex, told CBC News on Saturday.

The boy is now with caretakers who specialize in looking after children who have been traumatized.

“He’s sleeping well, eating well [and] he’s interacting with some of the other children in the foster home.”

The boy was malnourished after living on fast food in the garbage-strewn home. 

The boy’s aunt and uncle are now charged with failing to provide the necessities of life and forcible confinement.

The two also have a nine-year-old daughter who`s in the care of the Children’s Aid Society as well. Their names are being withheld to protect the identity of the children.

Fitzgerald says the girl is doing well and “also socializing with the other children in her foster home.”

She says the children have medical appointments the next week. The CAS will also go to court next week to seek an order of protection to make sure the boy remains in the organization’s care.

Police say the boy had lived with his aunt an uncle since coming to Canada in 2010.

They say his parents live outside the country and they have been unable to contact them.

The boy was discovered after an anonymous tip to Children’s Aid. An aid worker visited the house, but no one was home. She saw the silhouette of the boy through the curtain and called police.

Police said the boy has never been to school and speaks minimal English. He was not born in Canada, they believe. His biological parents are not in Canada at the moment. Police are not releasing the boy’s country of origin because it might identify him.

The couple facing charges have a biological child,a nine-year-old girl, who was also living in the house at the time. That child is also now in the care of Children’s Aid. Police said there is no evidence that the couple’s biological child was confined inside the house.

Police said the boy had access to a toilet and shower, but that the entire house was “filthy.”

“In the bedroom there was feces, urine. The bed was soaked in urine, as was the child’s pyjamas when he was found,” said London Police Det. Insp. Kevin Heslop.

The boy was fed fast food twice a day, but not usually permitted to leave the room. Police suspect the boy may have been let out of the room briefly in 2013.

“I think he spent a lot of time sleeping,” noted Fitzgerald.  “There was a window in the room, so I think that’s how he was, at least, somewhat connected to the world.”

Neighbours expressed shock upon learning of the boy’s existence. 

“My heart was broken. I couldn’t believe it,” one neighbour said. “I felt so sad because I walk by the house everyday. The little boy could have been waving for help and I didn’t know.” 

In a news release, police said they’ve had no previous dealings with the occupants of the house. However, in 2007 the Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex had “brief contact” with the family regarding another child who no longer lives in the home.

Please Help Us


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