Court Update Declared Not Guilty Is Not A Victory

Court Update .. Not Guilty….

March 18 2013 Halifax Nova scotia
I was harassed by Police for six months, had my life threatened, deprived of my rights..
I started a trial..
I tore them apart..and today the Judge finds me not guilty..
That is not really a good thing..
I wanted a full trial so I could expose all the government and Police corruption..
They knew I would expose it..So they denied me continuing my defense..
No justice done..real justice would be my getting all the information on the records..
So I could have the abusers of justice charged with the crimes they committed against me…

I will soon write a full article about this “I was not guilty and am still the victim”

Being declared not guilty of Protection of Property Act not a victory for me..

I will soon write up my full report about this.

In the meantime I will continue with my complaint against the Police about this event that started here on the Halifax waterfront.

See security guard at end of video.

Braydin Benham (4) Stopped by Security

Published on Sep 11, 2012

Please check out this post about this event.

Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rights

After this the security guard working for The Halifax Waterfront Commission falsely told Braydon he could not perform here and that it was private property..

we then moved to another spot and that Nazi security guard had called the Police and the Halifax Police banned me Daniel Towsey under the protection of property act and then charged me for trespassing on public property being the Halifax waterfront boardwalk.
They say I am not permitted anywhere on the whole Halifax waterfront.

Remember I am disabled and sitting in an electric wheelchair.

Halifax Police Violating my (Daniel Towsey) Human rights

Here is the person to speak to if you feel like this is wrong and would like to help me, at The waterfront commission .. Mr. Adam Langley 902-422-5115

Thank You Note I will be publishing a lengthy detailed article about this soon..I will post the link to it here. It will be at

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