This maybe my last video testimonial Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier

testimonial Daniel J Towsey_ A Truth Soldier









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Published on Jan 5, 2016


ellie winn
I hope you get help immediately!  Thank you for your beautiful works you share freely.

+ellie winn Thank you..unfortunately only God can help as truthers know our world is run by the criminally insane…


Andrew Osiris I am sorry you are in such a state. It’s not that nobody cares, it’s just that we are all living hand to mouth. The whirlwind of karma seems like an insurmountable apocalypse. Breath. Try to remain detached. This too, will pass. I love you.

Elizabeth M
hang in there true warrior! seeking justice is a path for only the strong! (((hugs)))
Bad Actor 
John Riso says, I’m not far up on the economic ladder and wish I could help. I know what it’s like to be targeted. I have been living at the poverty for 10 years.

last video testimonial Daniel J Towsey Pt2 A Truth Soldier

last video testimonial Daniel J Towsey Pt3 A Truth Soldier


ellie winn
Homelessness is a by product of systemic destruction in a malevolent design. Try to keep yourself safe if you can. be kind to yourself. eat if you can, even if it is just a simple broth. i hope you get support.

Disabled man Denied Social Assistance Application in Halifax Nova Scotia

and the Social assistance office is 50 kilometers away in another town and I also can not get there if there is any snow or ice on the roads or sidewalks besides not being able to walk with my walker I also can not drive my wheelchair and I can not drive my car with the heavy wheelchair trailer if the roads are snowy or icy… And I have no access to public transit.. this is winter time here.

Published on Jan 6, 2016

Cobequid Centre wheelchair access report

Published on Jan 6, 2016

See comments and more at this link

last video testimonial Daniel J Towsey Pt4 A Truth Soldier


Finn MacDonald 
You don’t look very disabled.
+Finn MacDonald Did you listen to my other video about my describing being run over by a car?
Seriously disabled usually do not look disabled… like can you see the plastic prosthesis in my right upper arm and that my arm is not attached to my right shoulder socket?
Kat Z 
yup…you’re right Folk…as soon as the zionist minions signed onto the zionist run BIS in the mid seventies we’ve been royally screwed. This is what the COMER lawsuit is about – restoring the BofC mandate to issue interest free currency for infrastructure projects across the country. You are NOT crazy!
Jeremiah Tyrrell 
Amazing life you have led. Why don’t you try posting your address so that some good person might come to your aid. Worth a shot, the corrupt already know where you live anyway.
+Jeremiah Tyrrell If someone wants to help they can tell me so first… I do not need to publicly post my address for that…

last video testimonial Daniel J Towsey Pt5 A Truth Soldier

Hey brother Raider57 here on my other channel.  My heart goes out to you and I wish I could help but I live on a small disability pension and barely make ends meet, as they have planned for all of us.  Ppl think their money will save them but they are dead wrong because the bees are gone, the trees are soon behind and so are we.  Very sad ppl say not a fucking word about planes filling our sky will poison and letting their children die to hide their fucking cowardice.  You have less than 5 years so enjoy your fantasy to those ignorant who deny what’s happening in front of their eyes.

+oakland57 Thanks.. so what happened to your channel and your videos

Crisis Line talk with Daniel J Towsey – A Truth Soldier

This is taking place in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

Published on Jan 6, 2016


Yvonne Bakker says Unbelievable-killing you with “kindness” but no solution, just round and round in the circle game. God has chosen you as a warrior and your rewards will be in heaven. This world is done anyway. So sorry for your plight and praying for you – you are in my heart Daniel

Daniel J Towsey says Thank you sweety

Kathy Bradbury
Daniel, I’m here in the U.S., and have received help in the past from the Red Cross…do you have any Emergency programs there to help with rent? I’m praying for you…if I had money I’d give it…know that there are people that do care.

+Kathy Bradbury Thank you..and no there is no support of any kind being permitted for me… I am a victim or organized crime from within the government.. I am now uploading a video testimonial about Social Assistance.. please click on FolkPhotographer and find  full play list for ‘This maybe my last video testimonial’ and see the full series that I will keep adding to until this ends


My frozen wheelchair at PMV Mobility House’s Waverley warehouse in nova scotia

Ed Schijns owner of PMV Mobilty House, Dragonebikes, 3649 Dutch Village Rd in Halifax and warehouse is at 28 Powdermill rd in Waverley Nova Scotia just outside of Lower Sackville
Please note that I am now broke and social services does not want to help me.
Also I have been doing many video and photo reports about my situation with Ed ever since Jan 2014 and it appears that soon I will be homeless so I will most likely very soon be uploading all my evidence of how Ed deliberately caused me to go broke and has robbed me of thousands of dollars…has threatened me and much worse..
he recently closed his office and reduced the size of his store on Dutch Village rd… He no longer shows up at his store and has someone else taking care of his public business..
I know for sure that he has ripped off many other disabled people and that they are looking for him to serve him with legal papers..Ed is hiding out..

a few weeks ago at 3 30 in the morning I did three hours of videos of my dealing with Ed at his warehouse..
I caught him on video seriously threatening me and I called the RCMP.. I made the RCMP order Ed to take my three wheelchairs out of his warehouse.. I had to get video evidence that he dismantled my Alex wheelchair that he was supposed to have taken back to the manufacturer in Toronto that was going to rebuild it for free under warranty. Eds dismantling of my $20 thousand dollar chair made it impossible to take it to Toronto..,

He also had my second indoor (frozen) wheelchair in his warehouse. I had to buy that one to use inside my apartment building because I needed a wheelchair.. but Ed never made that chair usable.

and he  also had my new all terrain wheelchair locked in his warehouse. He left me without the use of a wheelchair for over four months…

So he was screaming and dragged my dismantled Alex wheelchair out , then brought my barely functioning indoor wheelchair out and also brought out my not yet completed magic mobility chair out.. He put them all outside on the street…

Then I pulled my not yet completed wheelchair trailer out to the street.. by the way yes I actually built my trailer.. I had to so I could get my chair home.. Ed could not bring my new chair home as it did not fit into his mini van.

Then Ed had the two RCMP officers serve me with a protection of property order banning me from Eds properties…

They all departed and left me in the dark with my three wheelchairs on the street.. I hooked up my trailer that had no lights, no registration or plates to my car.. I had previously bought magnetic towing lights in anticipation of this event so I could safely drive in the dark..

I managed to get my expensive chair on the trailer.. But I could not save my other two chairs.. It was rain heavy and my other chair suffered rain damage…

This info I just typed here is a very small amount of the horror Ed put me through…

Soon I will be uploading the three hour video of the event .. Keep your eye on my site for the reports about Ed and PMV Mobility house..

Ed is part of a much bigger subversive organization that has been covertly undermining my life for a very long time..

google my name Daniel J Towsey if you want to know more about me….it will really surprise you what you will find out..


why would the guy leave the chair outside? that’s crazy

+SurviventheOnslaught he previously left it out in a rain storm overnight..

That’s totally sickening to see your chair sitting there like that.


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