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Halifax Social Services Supervisor Mr Laurie Jacklyn Deliberately Provoking My Suicide

This maybe my last report and it ties everything together.

I am now Homeless Because of Laurie Jacklyn Supervisor Nova Scotia Social Services

aniel J Towsey testimonial 35 This is my last post. I will leave the comments unmoderated and I will not be able to see them for a while unless I can find a free wi-fi on my long trip to Vancouver…

33 Arab Muslim Jihad ISLAM 9-11 Halifax Canada

34 Jesus is my final message

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Then they did this to me.

This story below explains how they destroyed my business which is where I learned about 911 before it happened and later after 911 this place was torched and then demolished..

_2016.04.25_19h38m16s_landlord rent over due


32 My Worker Confirms They Wont Pay My Rent

Published on Apr 22, 2016

Daniel J Towsey testimonial 32 I am speaking with my Social Services worker Mr. Harun Motongwa 902-869-3604 at the Lower Sackville office in Nova Scotia.

You are the jury hearing these testimonials..You the people decide and judge in this peoples court. This is in Halifax Nova Scotia.

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30 Conversation with Police about Mr.Laurie Jacklyn testimonial video

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29 Mr Laurie Jacklyn Deliberately Provoking My Suicide

Published on Apr 16, 2016


Daniel J Towsey Testimonial  28 Nova Scotia Social Services will not pay for my rent and that will leave me homeless while disabled… Nova Scotia Minister of Community Services Honourable Joanne Bernard (Liberal)

27 MLA Assistant Laughs about Vote Fraud in Nova Scotia

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