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There is now a professional INTIMIDATOR job in the corporate structure

by James F Lico

I now see that spy agencies like CIA are staffed with psychopaths and are the purveyors of dirty tricks but somehow we need them in order to be free.

The key distinction that separates sociopaths and psychopaths from normal people is they think this type of type of thing is normal now.

If you dont think so, just look at all of the Targeted Individuals (TI’s) there are around the world.

These TI’s are designated by the corporations as non persons and are there to Scare others and for corporate use and abuse.

TI’s are multipurpose and are money making entities. So anything the corporations want to do with people objects is now Okay.

They are similar to prisoners who are also slaves but TI’s can be abused further because people are now objects and there is no accountability for objects.

Activists and Dissidents or people who talk against the corporations are targeted and it is to scare the hell out of anyone who might complain about anything at all.

The disturbing thing is that corporations do not value life or people and in fact view people as objects or things.

A CEO’s job is to maximize profits. In addition they minimize anything (incl people) that would get in the way of those profits.

There is now a professional INTIMIDATOR job in the corporate structure of which titles vary.

Professional Intimidator gives the word STOOGE a come back into the lexicon.

These people are damaged and have taken on secondary psychopathic traits.

They are order followers and enjoy being slaves of a corporate master. They give a new meaning to the old phrase COMPANY MAN because they will kill for their corporate master.

Their killing is seen as Okay though by law enforcement because it is a job an not personal. As for me, I want the peace and love meme back because this one sucks.

These people will destroy the earth if we let them. The inclination is to just want to get on with your life and ignore what is going on.

This is how we got here and how it will get a whole lot worse quickly. Just look at Hitlers Germany to see what ignoring psychopaths will bring you.

Psychopaths made lots of money by taking it back (harvesting).it from the people (surfs). The Banks (tyrants) were buoyed by the fact that they were held above all others.

The Banks(Tyrants) feel uncountable for fleecing the people (surfs) with fraudulent mortgage loans designed to make the mortgage holder default on the loan.

This type of fraud can happen over and over under Tyranny where the perpetrator is allowed to go free while the surfs pay back the Tyrants for any losses they might have incurred when defr

auding the surfs. It is happening over and over until people wake up. However Tyrants are not complacent just perpetrating the same crimes they like to keep the surfs at bay by doing psychopathic things like targeting individuals, militarizing the police, etc.

It gets progressively harder to break their hold because they are like jackals or hyenas.

The sociopaths among us will find the new corruption makes mad max and the thunder dome closer to reality. Now it is Okay to hurt your neighbor as long as you dont get caught.

There is no time for costly investigations like in the past.

Gang Stalker and intimidator are the new hot job titles for today. In fact the trappings of democracy like “Trial By Jury of Peers” and INVESTIGATION are way too costly and must be gutted leaving only the name of the thing as if it were something to aspire to have in theory if not in fact.

We also don’t need a quaint document like the constitution because most of it is too costly to implement.

I have to go but remember the bell is beginning to strike twelve Oclock.



Janet Smith The leaders of Nations continue corrupt murderous greedy schemes thinking no one see’s us, we can do as we please.. The One enthroned in Heaven laughs, he scoffs at them.

Patty Soos

Patty Soos James F Lico they are destroying the part of the brain where emotion and relationship is formed…these people are brain certain areas of the brain..i have seen them using weapons on others…beaming them in the back of the head…of course they try to do that to us too…

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September 11, 2010


Elvira Williams

Elvira Williams Holly Molly my my my.

Kate Whitefield
Martin Bott

Martin Bott No, they are not in control of what is going on. Because foreign countries ant their agencies bring their brainwashing equipment into the US.

Greg Alan Skomaroske

Greg Alan Skomaroske Oh bullshit Martin Bott …. The US is the one who is doing the weapons thing and no other country is bringing in anything without our Gov knowing it. It is the FBI and the Military who is doing this shit and a lot more to people who they want to control and target.

Elvira Williams

Elvira Williams Kate Great answer and I agree they are infringing upon the First Amendment I’m 65 born in this Country living on less than $900.00 a month had a voucher complain about mold protested the NAACP thinking they ask me why my rights infringing on targeted by doctors gasses chemical homeless can’t get help GO Figure call Schizophrania so no one believe me looks like it’s working My medications running out and it’s chronic pain I have to use Excedrin Extra Strength and IcyHot Patches and cream do you think this is right doctors targeting people to help Family stile Land Will evry thing even my children and grands and great grands TELL ME WHAT WOULD YOU DO Ill and homeless.

Debbie Bush

Debbie Bush Rubbing oil on your joints etc…helps pain. I use olive oil. Do it daily.

Kate Whitefield

Kate Whitefield Temporary housing is a start; try taking less aspirin before exercising and more after. If not sure of medicine, try Lithium first. There are a lot of medicines for schizophrenia and psychosis, most are OK on a short term basis if you think you are committed to finding a medicine. I cannot make any recommendations. The docs will probably force medication once you ask for it but you can stay on Lithium for a while if it works.

Elvira Williams

Elvira Williams you can take it Kate I don’t need it my family did that to me to take my Land and all please read the story on my page or ???

Greg Alan Skomaroske

Greg Alan Skomaroske Elvria …you are being targeted because your disabled. Trust me on this one.

Bruno von Helsing

Bruno von Helsing nice opportunity to be good then Lico in fundraising them, she even lost her jew-ellery, probably needs a new collection 9of fashi9onable stuff as well – be good, do good pacman emoticon

Arch Angel Lissa Mires

Arch Angel Lissa Mires Its not just CIA James F Lico–add NS & DARPA & Universities.

The Morgellons and Artificial Intelligence Connection : Kandy Griffin @ Phoenix Rising

Robin Yan

Robin Yan According to the following principles, Toronto Police, Canadian torturers torture me, terrorize me, murder me, and commit crimes against humanity with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons, which have been viewed by UN as weapons of mass destruction.

Why Stress Makes You Miserable

“Ronald Duman, a neurobiologist at Yale University, and colleagues wondered if the poorly understood neuritin might play an important—and heretofore overlooked—role in depression and other mood disorders.

They induced depression in a group of rats by subjecting them to chronic, unpredictable stress. Depriving them of food and play, isolating them, and switching around their day/night cycles for about 3 weeks left the rats with little interest in feeding or enjoying a sweetened drink.

The rats also gave up and became immobile instead of swimming when placed in a tub of water—another measure of rodent depression.”

Robin Yan

Kate Whitefield

Kate Whitefield Military charges to me need to be tighter, clearer, more specific, more real, more careful — people don’t how many ignorant and innocent people are involved with intelligence projects.

Nonetheless, I strongly support what I call the medical model of human and civil rights. No one deserves to be injured from burn trauma — traumatic injuries such as burns do not have a good prognosis. If something caused cancer, everyone would exercise care and caution and help any victim; certainly, this is true of any and all burns AND trauma victims.

 The idea that the constitution is quaint is so ridiculous, I am concerned that I may not be up to discussing and defending any points, that what is needed is the National Guard or an array of lawyers rather than clarification about some legal points
Mary L. Rushing

Robin Yan

Robin Yan Canadian Government has decided to review their “ troubling torture policy”. However, Toronto Police, Canadian torturers keep torturing me, keep terrorizing me with EMF and Microwave Non-Lethal Weapons in my home and in my workplace.

Canadian victim of torture

Robin Yan