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WARNING all visitors to Halifax Nova Scotia

WARNING all visitors to Halifax Nova Scotia

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Written by

The Visionary Folk Photographer

Daniel J Towsey

A Truth Soldier

September 23, 2012

I think it is time that I wrote this article.

This article is especially to warn all the wonderful buskers, folk performers, hitch hikers, street performers and even the homeless.

Over the past fourteen years I have had the pleasure and fortune to have photographed and video taped many of these wonderful people.

You can watch many of these videos at and you can view some of my photography at

This very serious article has been motivated by my witnessing the criminal activities of people working for and at the Halifax waterfront development corporation. A provincial crown corporation.

All visitors to Halifax need to know what goes on here and how dangerous this place is to people who are not aware how lawless and corrupt the Nova Scotia government is.

As you read this, you will discover that the Provincial government here has written many laws that violate all peoples human, civil and constitutional rights.

Also that the Police operate outside of the law and go around telling visitors that there is a ‘No sit down law”, but no one has ever been shown this law for it does not exist.

The only thing hitchhikers, traveling buskers, and anyone else are shown when they question this fake law is harassment and violence from the Halifax Police. The Police want you to get upset so they can then trample all over you.

Nova Scotia is a horrific place. Do not come here if you expect or think that this place operates with true justice. Please read my article entitled. “No truth justice or liberty in Nova Scotia”

The Police claim they need not charge a person with anything and can kidnap them, imprison them, or do what ever else they want. The Police operate outside of all justice.

To make things worse the police will then tell you that they can ban you from anywhere at anytime and they do not even have to charge you or give you any documentation of this.

They will impose the Provincial statute of Protection of property act on you.

Then if you resist by speaking and standing for your rights. The Police will give you huge fines. So the Police are penalizing people without the people ever having the chance to have their day in court.

All due process of justice and law is denied to everyone.

I just recently discovered that this oppressive Police attitude is being regularly inflicted on children that play at the skate park in the Halifax Commons. The Police claim they can do all this to the young people for not wearing helmets. So the kids get harassed. terrorized, fined, banned from the skate park and even have their skateboards stolen by the Police and the children or even their parents never get a chance to confront the Police in court.

As I discovered. Even if you try to fight the fines. You will never get your chance to have your day in court for the Judge will throw the charges out because the Police will never show up to testify as always.

This is how things work here..

No Justice at all, so be warned if you plan of visiting or moving to Halifax.

I recommend that you stay away.

So be warned this place is very dangerous to anyone that comes from a civilized place and expects to have freedom and justice, and especially freedom of speech..

So be warned this place is run by government criminals that do not respect truth, justice, liberty or equality.

I am not writing this article in hopes of ever seeing any change in the way things are here.

I am writing this for you to know how things work here in this tyrannical place.

Because those who do not know how things work here are the ones that get hurt the most..

So be warned..

The Provincial government has empowered the Police to do what ever they want to you, without you even being charged with anything.

The tyrannical laws here do not permit you to have your day in court. There is no justice here. And if you even get close, like filing a police complaint. You will discover that the police investigate themselves. You will also find that the police never ever speak truthfully. They have no reason too. This place is extremely corrupt from the top down.

The Police can take you away, harass you, assault you, and even make you disappear any time they want and they care not about your rights, because you have none.

If need be they will engage in covert activities to come after you…

So read on to learn what goes on here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This is going to be a lengthy article and please note that, this will also be transcribed into an audio-video version so you can listen to it.

Also this will be published on my online blogs.

As some of you might be aware. I have been very busy on the Halifax waterfront and in the city, for more than ten years doing photo shoots and folk videos of all the public events in which all the performers and people have been very appreciative for my doing and giving them free high quality photos and videos.

You can view my videos at my youtube channel “FolkPhotographer” and see some of my photos at

Please do not ever be fooled into believing that Halifax, Nova Scotia unlike the rest of Canada.

Is a society that was ever based on Truth, Justice, Liberty and Equality for all.

Please read my related article. “No Truth, Justice or Liberty in Nova Scotia”

The Halifax waterfront that spans across for miles and many city blocks has been taken over and is managed by a Provincial Crown Corporation known as The Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation.

This is basically a private club of insiders who live the good life at the expense of the rest of us.

This waterfront corporation is not needed and is actually unlawful.

Because all development in the City of Halifax should be in the hands of the City planners, but instead this provincial corporation has a history of ignoring the wishes of the people of Halifax and the Halifax city planners , or the Mayor for that matter.

Like everything in Halifax that the Provincial government is involved in, it is riddled with crime and corruption.

I am a very will known person on the Halifax waterfront for all the folk videos and photography I have done and as such I am also very familiar with the politics and corruptions that go on, on the waterfront.

I am also very well known as A Truth Soldier, meaning I am a political activist.

Just go to ATruthSoldier.Wordpress.Com to see why..

I am writing this to warn anyone, buskers, vendors or tourism oriented businesses that are considering coming to Halifax for events such as The International Buskers Festival.

This article is going to shock you and possibly save you from harm and much aggravation and money.

I am writing not just about the buskers festival, but also about all other tourist and tour oriented businesses on the Halifax waterfront. This article also relates to buskers and visitors on any public streets.

So here goes.

All through the years I have been told by many buskers visiting the waterfront who come from all parts of the this country and the world that there is something very wrong here.

The buskers have told me that the security business employed by the Waterfront Commission has been unfairly harassing them.

I had not witnessed this until the other day, when I became a victim of it.

Please note that I am seriously disabled and I get around and do my videos and photos while sitting in an electric wheelchair.

Over the years I have spoken with the wonderful previous Mayor of Halifax whose name is Peter Kelly. Who unfortunately had to retire because he was too good for the corrupt establishment.

I have told him that the waterfront management has been making unfair demands on buskers that they have to get licenses and pay fees to have permission to busk on the waterfront boardwalk, which is basically a sidewalk spanning the length of the city.

Like I said earlier. This is going to be a lengthy article.

So now I will tell you about how mom and pop food vending operations are fooled into coming to the Halifax waterfront for special events such as the international buskers festival in the belief that they will make money.

I have witnessed this over the years and I have researched my suspicions by talking with many of the vendors over the years.

I was really puzzled when every time there was events on the waterfront. There were new temporary vendors every few feet along the waterfront. I noticed that none of them were making any money.

So I began to talk with the vendors. They were very eager but frightful in telling me their horrific experiences and how they were lied to by the woman that operates the buskers festival.

Basically to make this short and to the point.

The vendors were charged huge fees, as high as ten thousand dollars for just a few days of vending. Usually seven days or less if the weather got bad.

The vendors were always shocked to discover that there were way to many vendors on the waterfront for any of them to make money.

They wondered why the woman from the buskers festival would over book. They did not realize that the woman cared not about doing fair and just business. She only cared to put a lot of money in her pockets. She after all, is protected by the corrupt government insiders.

To make things worse. People are led to believe that the international buskers festival is a non profit organization. Will it used to be but it is no longer.

The operator of the festival still gets free volunteers and even has students paid for and supplied by the Canadian government tourism department.

So this woman gets all the labor for free…

To make things worse for the mobile and mom and pop vendors.

The waterfront development corporation has built on the whole length of the waterfront, many permanent small buildings for vendors.

But again the temporary vendors are not aware that there is already enough vendors on the waterfront.

These permanent vendors will get discounted or even free rent if necessary that is subsidized by the tax payers of Nova Scotia.

So the operator of the buskers festival is very aware that none of the temporary vendors she is fooling will ever make any money.

Those temporary vendors coming from Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and from all over Nova Scotia. Encounter huge costs to travel here and then have to pay for hotels while here. The fuels costs, waterfront fees, eating costs, hotel costs, fuel cost for cooking. The costs for all the food supplies that were never sold are as high as $60,000 for the mobile vendors.

I wondered how the woman that operates the buskers festival was able to find all these vendors. Well, that is easy when you consider that she gets all her information and support from the government. So she has access to private and confidential information.

The whole buskers festival is a huge shame on Nova Scotia and is a criminal operation.

Now I will give you more examples at how bad things are when it comes to how the buskers and performers are treated. Again you are going to be shocked, this again, is a warning to anyone who is thinking of coming to Halifax to perform.

A side note here;

I hope that one day the general public comes to the realization that all the criminal activities going on here are done mostly at the hands of government insiders.

Trying to write here everything I know about what has been going on on the waterfront is not possible. It would take a book.

Every year during the buskers festival I noticed many young people trying to sell two dollar booklets about the buskers event.

I noticed that there again were too many of them trying to sell these booklets. I one day found out that most of these young people never made any money as they were working on percentages of sales.

If like most people you bought the booklet to get information about who, where, or when the buskers were performing. You would find the booklets unusable as the information in them was always incorrect.

The booklets were useless and they had way to much advertisement in them. They were a rip off for the advertisers paying fees to advertise and were a rip off for those buying these useless booklets.

Do realize that Halifax is basically a small town and not a mega city.

So over the years all the local people stopped buying these useless booklets. But the woman running the buskers scam did not care that those advertising in the booklets were getting no value for their money.

I studied these booklets and wondered why they were so poorly set up so that getting at the schedules and locations of the buskers was always difficult if not impossible.

I soon discovered that usually every year the booklets listing of buskers was wrong. That many of the buskers listed, were not even in Halifax.

I wondered why they were still selling these booklets, and why at the bare minimum they did not have loose inserts with the corrections listed.

Again the woman running the scam did not care about providing real value for the money being spent by people on these useless booklets.

So I started asking questions from the people selling the booklets and the buskers. Now do remember that I usually had a personal connection with most buskers as I was doing video series for them.

Most of the buskers were very welling to confidentially tell me what was going on with their relationship with the buskers festival organizer.

You are going to be shocked to find out what I found out.

The reason why the booklets always listed many performers that were not performing is as follows.

As I keep writing this, you will wonder how is it that an investigation has never been conducted into what this buskers organizer has been doing to so many people.

Like I said. It would take a book for me to write it all.

So some buskers told me just a few of the many reasons why buskers were canceling.

The main reason is that the woman running the festival would enter into contracts with buskers and offer them incentive, like free air fare to come . But when the time came the buskers were being ripped off and the organizer would never fully honor the contracts.

Another major complaint was that the buskers were only permitted to perform for three hours a day.

Unlike their being accustomed to perform all day busking.

So like the vendors, The buskers that came here would incur huge losses. They would never make any profit and would leave Halifax at a huge loss.

So the organizer would bring in much poorer quality acts and over time the buskers festival is loosing all the best world class performers.

The whole buskers festival has turned into a huge rip off for everyone involved, so that the organizer would make huge profits and the government insiders would always protect her.

Over the years, I have met many professional local buskers. I learned that the Halifax international buskers festival is the oldest one on earth and that it was started by local buskers performing in front of the Halifax public library on Spring Garden Rd.

So I asked the local buskers, Why is it that none of you ever get to perform at the international buskers festival?

I was told because it was taken over by the waterfront corporation and commercialized for profit.

Which is why I mentioned earlier that the general public still thinks it is a not for profit event.

The general public is not aware that the local talent that started the festival is being excluded from the festival.

It gets much worse.

Which will bring you to understanding why the Police have banned me from the whole waterfront under the protection of property act, and have given me huge fines for being outside on the waterfront boardwalk that spans the whole city.

I will write about that again later. Now I will get back to the harassment of local buskers and their also being banned and fined.. This would also happen anywhere out on public streets.

The protection of property act is unconstitutional and seriously oppressive.

After I write more about the buskers being harassed.

I will be writing an accompanying article about my complaint I recently filed against the Halifax Police for their harassing and threatening me on the waterfront and their obstruction of justice in the fake investigation of my complaint.

I have only mentioned a few of the problems and corruption going on on the Halifax waterfront.

I am a very sociable person and since I have no access to most properties in Halifax because of my wheelchair. I do all my socializing outside. Which is part of the reason why I do all these free videos.

It is my social life.

So my activities are very well known to the Halifax waterfront development corporation.

The resemblance between the young skate boarders at the Halifax Commons and the young street performers being harassed by the Police is identical.

If a young person gets upset at the Police over bearing and unjust treatment. The Police brutes well just get more vicious and even violent. The Police have been empowered to behave like organized thugs.

All this oppression has developed over the years because the society here has developed into a bunch of social cowards. But again this is understandable when you come to the realization that Halifax is a military town and that most if not the local Police are ex military.

The people who in the past had become victims of the tyrannical government here, have either been covertly destroyed, killed, or falsely imprisoned.

The fortunate ones escaped and departed from Nova Scotia.

That then explains why Halifax is a culturally depressed city. Is a a seriously underdeveloped city compared to all the other major centers of North America.

Ask yourself. How could Halifax being the oldest city in north America and also that Halifax has had a major sea port of commerce for the first 150 years. Why is it that Halifax is not a huge prosperous city. It is because of the historical fact that this place has always been subverted and oppressed by its government insiders.

Please read my article entitled “Is the voting process secure in Nova Scotia” to understand how this situation here in Nova Scotia has been able to develop.

One day I may write a story about The Nova Scotia Psychiatric Hospital and how it was used to eliminate anyone of high spirits that would try to fight against the tyranny here.

Oh hey, they actually paid the two conspirators money to lock people up. All the conspirators had to do was sign a piece of paper and the victim would be then destroyed and terrorized in the underground cells of the hospital.

More about the Buskers and the waterfront.

I have often gone to the Halifax city hall to ask them the stop harassing the buskers on the waterfront.

So with my suggestion, the city installed designated buskers spots signs at different locations on the Halifax waterfront. These were spots where the buskers could perform without being harassed by the waterfront commission’s only security guard.

The one named in my Police complaint.

After this article I will be writing my follow up related article to be entitled.

“My Halifax Police obstruction of justice complaint”

Please be aware that I have been a victim of the Police and government insider corruptions for all the years that I have lived in Halifax on and off since 1974.

Also, I would like to say that not all government employees are bad. Many of them have been wonderfully beautiful human beings, but they too have become victims of the corruption that has taken over the government. They became victims when ever they tried to help me. Most lost their jobs and were silenced.

I want to give you another example of how the Police treat buskers on the street.

Please note that one of the motives the Police have had to getting all the buskers off the streets has been to keep me from gaining more popularity by my video taping these buskers.

The Police realized that my videos were gaining a huge following on the Internet and that the videos were helping me in defeating the continuous covert Police undermining of my life.

One day, a great and charismatic street performer showed up and I did an amazing series of videos of his performances. He and I became friends.

Later the Police terrorized him on Spring Garden Rd. They demanded him to produce identification. When he refused six Police officers brutally beat him on the street in broad day light with many people watching.

That was two years ago. He eventually took off from Halifax.

This past summer I was amazed that for the first time ever. There were almost no buskers on the streets of Halifax. And if I found some they would immediately pack up and leave. I later found out that the Police were banning all buskers so i could not do more videos and build up my following on the Internet.

If you read my previous articles “Man drowns at Halifax buskers” and then two months later after I published that I became a victim of an attempt on my life. Where I then wrote

How to assassinate a cyclist”

You will get a much better understanding at how dangerous it is to live in Halifax and fighting for your rights and freedoms.

Then you will understand why I am writing this WARNING article.

I wrote an earlier article that related to my Police complaint entitled

“The Halifax Police Continuously violating my human rights”

I think I have written enough information here for you to be warned.

So I will now write my next article that will also be included with the Police complaint I will be filling about the Police obstruction of Justice of my previous complaint about being banned and threatened by the Police on the waterfront.

This article was complete on November 23rd 2012

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